In April of this year I wrote a profile of Elon Musk after he attempted a hostile takeover of Twitter and now he has done it.  You can read that profile here, but to sum it up:

Dealing with impulse control is a theme in this chart. We have the mentalism of the Sun and Mercury squared by Uranus, the planet of impulsive and radical action. We have a lack of fire. We see that the fire planet Mars is in the air sign Aquarius adding more froth to the mentality of the chart, especially since it is inflamed by Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio itself is ruled by Mars, making this a “double whammy” connection between forceful Mars and expansive Jupiter, expanding Musk’s confidence and his need to be right in the fixed signs which can be quite stubborn.  Yet on the other hand the Cancerian Sun and Mercury long for connection and a sense of belonging, and the Virgo Moon seeks perfection and order.

This combination of Mars (action) and Jupiter (confidence) has been activated this year along with some other planetary conditions that showed he was ripe to do something typically Elon in sheer scope and hubris. I imagine a minority of my readers are on Twitter much less care about Elon Musk, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the Twitter takeover timeline to the astrology as a demonstration of the planets at work (thanks to CNN for these details). Some of this will be too technical for my lay readers and for this I apologize! Feel free to post questions in the comments.

January 31: Elon begins building his shares in Twitter.

  • We don’t know exactly where his Moon is without a birth time, but at some point in late 2021 his Progressed Moon (mood) conjoined his natal Mercury (thoughts and ideas). He’s a guy who’s always thinking of new things anyway, and with P Moon and Mercury both in Cancer, the sign of the tribe, wanting to connect people in new ways would have been on his mind.
  • Jupiter, planet of expansion and confidence, was very active in his chart in 2021. Jupiter transits tend to encourage big thinking and reaching beyond what we think is possible. He has that in spades in his chart anyway, and this would have exacerbated it. It probably didn’t help that Time Magazine named him “Person of the Year” in 2021.
  • Jupiter made a square to Saturn in early January, evoking a need to break free of restrictions. Jupiter also squared imaginative Neptune, which can throw out any semblance of reason in a yearning for an ideal.

March 14: His portion of Twitter shares reach and exceed 5% and on March 24 Elon begins asking his followers what about Twitter should change.

  • Following the expansiveness of the Jupiter transits, in February Elon begins a transit of Pluto in a trine to his natal Pluto. This is one of my favorite planetary cycles as it unwinds the blocks that keep us from personal evolution and sets us on a path of personal empowerment.
  • At the same time, Pluto harmonizes with Jupiter (sextile) to further enhance confidence and the pursuit of one’s goals. Jupiter trines his Sun to further expand his good fortune and self-assurance, and trines his Mercury to further expand his thinking.  In other words, the gods were smiling on him.
  • Saturn begins a transit to his Mars (action) which would normally create some roadblocks, but they don’t appear yet. The positive energies overwhelm the negative, but seeds of doubt are likely taking hold.

April 4: Elon becomes the biggest shareholder with more than 9% stake in the company, and on April 5th he agrees to serve on the Twitter board of directors.

  • Meanwhile, Elon is about to enter his Chiron return, a time when transiting Chiron returns to its place in the natal chart. This can be a painful time of self-awareness, and it is sometimes a period of illness as the body/mind/spirit system is challenged to release old wounds and stagnant energies.

April 10: Elon decides not to serve on the board after all.

  • Transiting Mars makes a return to his natal Mars and sets off that Mars/Jupiter square. In other words, exacerbating his native impulsivity.

April 14: Elon offers to buy Twitter.

  • Mars enters Pisces and releases that impulsive energy, returning him to his normal confident self.

April 21: He lines up the financing ($46.5 billion). April 25 Twitter agrees to sell.

  • Transiting Jupiter opposes his natal Pluto, and transiting Pluto is still sextile his natal Jupiter. This is a “double whammy” of major proportions and an excellent time for a power play.

May 6: Elon reveals his goals for Twitter.

May 13: Elon attempts to put the deal on hold because of the alleged number of bots on the platform, but May 17 Twitter insists on the sale.

June 6: Elon threatens to walk away, and July 8 attempts to cancel the contract.

  • Jupiter has moved to square his Sun by now, and his self-assurance is diminished. Saturn is still conjunct his Mars and the blocks he encounters are more of a challenge. In addition, the potential emotional pain of the Chiron return may have set the stage for heightened emotional reactivity.

July 12: Twitter sues Elon for breach of contract. Trial date set for October 17.

October 3: Elon says he’ll buy Twitter after all for the original offer price.

  • Mars is in a square to Neptune that day, showing that he was not using an astrologer. A Mars/Neptune square can lead to confused (Neptune) action (Mars) and it’s generally best to use that time for imagination and big dreams rather than billion dollar actions.

October 27: The deal is finalized and Elon announces at 11:49 pm that the bird is freed.

  • Mars is stationing before turning retrograde on October 30 and still within range of that square to Neptune. This was not the best time for a major move like this, and we are seeing the fallout now with the confusion that seems to be reigning at Twitter HQ.

I expect his major problems will begin in early to mid-February when Saturn replaces Jupiter as the major mover in his chart. But Elon has shown impressive resilience and I imagine he will continue to pave the way to this Brave New World in which we now live.

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