Uranus square PlutoThe phrase “May you live in interesting times” has often been identified as a “Chinese curse,” although Wikipedia debunks that notion.  But the viewpoint that interesting times could be a curse supports the idea that change, for most people, is difficult.

We are living in very interesting times indeed, and heading into times that will be even more interesting as Uranus in Aries faces off against Pluto in Capricorn in June.  If you’re new here you’ll be reading a great deal more about this aspect and I hope to be putting up a major article on the subject this week.  Capricorn represents the established structures of power, and Aries represents the urge for self-determination.  Pluto is the planet of annhilation and transformation, so while it travels through Capricorn (through 2023) there is sure to be dramatic change in political structures around the world.

That began last weekend with elections in Europe as the established order lost power in many nations and splinter groups (Uranus represents the oddball fringe elements of society among other things) gained a footing in the governmental bodies of these nations.

Capricorn can be a sign of hardship, and austerity programs throughout Europe have attempted to get a handle on the rising debt that we saw increase during Pluto’s reign in Sagittarius (the sign of expansion and optimism).

The most unnerving sign of the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square was the rise of the ultra-right wing neo-Nazi party in Greece known as Golden Dawn.  Uranus in Aries represents the revolution (Uranus) of the individual (Aries).  This is a symbol of anarchy and ultimate liberation, and as it continues to face off against the power structures (Pluto in Capricorn) over the next three years the entire global political landscape will change.

Even Osama bin Laden worried about splinter groups undermining his control over Al Qaeda, reflecting the growing resistance to any kind of larger and more powerful political structure by radical (Uranus) individualistic (Aries) groups (Uranus entered Aries in 2010). The Tea Party wing of the Republican party is a symbol of this kind of radical force, as is the Occupy movement in the US.

The square formation between Uranus and Pluto began last year when the two planets aligned within a degree, but the first exact square comes in June.  Watch these pages for more Uranus/Pluto news, and you may want to catch up with this article to get a historical perspective.

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