Aries New MoonAries is the first sign of the zodiac – the sign of action, initiation, adventure, independence and courage.  Ruled by Mars, Aries has an aggressive force but it is a force for self-expression and self-awareness.  When the Moon is in Aries, we find ourselves willing to face our fears and inspired to break through the barriers that keep us from blazing the trail of our highest desires.

As in every Full Moon, this Aries Full Moon is opposite the Libra Sun, setting the Aries focus of initiating something new to satisfy ourselves against the Libran need to placate and please in order to achieve balance and harmony.  When the Moon is full, the lunar light (in this case Aries) obscures the light of the sun (in this case Libra), strengthening the Aries force to assert our personal will into the world.  This Full Moon is just one degree away from the equinox point which intensifies its power, but also amplifies the potential of our dreams, intentions and desires to create real magic.

This is a highly dynamic Full Moon as it is chock full of planetary aspects.  In this case Chiron’s wounding and healing energies are strongly connected to the Sun and the Moon so we are likely to experience an eruption of old emotional hurts and the clearing out of psychic debris.  Saturn (tests and challenges) forces us to face realities that may or may not be pleasant but must be dealt with.  Uranus (radical change) applies the pressure of dissatisfaction to keep us from becoming too comfortable.  Mercury (mind and communication) is scrambled by the emotionality of the Moon and overwhelmed by the light of the Sun, making rational thinking more difficult.

With this much planetary juju, it’s the perfect time for a ceremony to reclaim your wishes and heart’s desires.  Write them down, as many as you can possibly think of.  Remember that Saturn is present in this Full Moon to assist you in creating a plan.  If anxieties arise, remember that Chiron is there to assist you in clearing old memories and fears.  Mercury serves as a messenger between humans and the gods and will help to carry your hopes and dreams to the highest realms in order to facilitate the integration between your desires and the reality around you.

(Geeky astrological details: Chiron is conjunct the Moon opposite the Sun which conjuncts Mercury and Ceres. Saturn squares both the Sun and Moon, Mars is conjunct the South Node which trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon, Uranus is inconjunct the Moon and quincunxes the Sun.)

NOTE:  Thanks to Soo who informed me that this painting was by Rob Gonsalves.  I did some research to find his website and discovered that he had died by suicide in June of 2017 at the age of 57.  His work was magical and beautiful.  I’ve made a donation to his GoFundMe page to thank him and his wife for his work.



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