Image from HeartSoulVisionAlthough Chiron and Neptune only have made one exact conjunction during the past two years (it occurred on February 17, 2010), they have been within a few degrees of each other for this entire time.  They are still about as close as you can get without being exactly conjunct, about six minutes of arc apart.  But having just changed direction to move forward after a long retrograde period, they will begin to separate.

Chiron and Neptune both operate on the level of the soul; neither planet is very concerned with supporting the ego or the personality.  Chiron’s work is to clear the emotional debris of past experiences by awakening dormant emotions and forging new energetic pathways of healing.  Neptune’s role is in dissolving the ground upon which we rely so that we will awaken to a higher expression of the Self.  I like to call Chiron the “Soul Healer” and Neptune the “Soul Teacher,” so under these two planets we have been inspired/urged/forced to address deeper matters in our lives.

This has been particularly true for those of us in our 50s who have Pluto in the later degrees of Leo.  Chiron and Neptune have been opposite Pluto in these charts, instilling a sense of urgency in healing the wounds of the past.  I have been able to watch the process of the Chiron/Neptune conjunction in the experiences of my clients.  Back in early 2009, when the conjunction first began to align (peaking in April through July when Jupiter was involved as well) clients of all ages  were reporting intense experiences of grief and mourning as old wounds resurfaced, seemingly out of nowhere.   As Chiron and Neptune continued their dance, the intensity of the emotional clearing began to subside and clients began to report a sense of completion and a desire to begin making external changes in their lives to reflect the internal changes that had transpired.

Much of this healing occurred because the intensity of the inner experiences forced many of us to seek external healing modalities in order to become more completely aligned as physical, spiritual and mental beings.  The Chiron/Neptune conjunction has occurred in Aquarius which has a transpersonal effect, helping us to detach from the needs of ego and teaching the wisdom of pure Spirit.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus that has been occurring since the spring of 2010 may have served as an awakening force, helping us to detach somewhat  (the Uranus/Aquarius factor) from the emotional story (Chiron) so that we can start to unwind ourselves from the bondage of our emotional and psychic wounds.

In any case, the emotional intensity of the past few years seems to be subsiding for the time being.  If you are being personally affected by a Chiron transit, or one of the other challenging planetary gods like Saturn or Pluto, you may still be experiencing some difficulty.  But when we do the emotional work of Chiron we are left with a deep wisdom that comes from letting go of the past and facing the future for which we have come to Planet Earth.  An amazing story!

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