I guess Wall Street is realizing their so-called financial experts know very little about the ups and downs of our financial system, and astrology is actually gaining more respect in the business world.  It’s about time!

According to the WSJ Market Watch site, Arch Crawford’s newsletter was the top performer in 2008, up by 42%!  Market Watch quotes Mr. Crawford from his December newsletter: “We are looking for some further advancement this week, followed by a decline into the Full Moon square Saturn on Dec. 12, probably marking a pull-back low Dec. 12-17. This pullback is likely to form a Right Shoulder on a potential Reverse Head-and-Shoulder bottom formation. From there, an explosive year-end move could develop in the upward direction, which we expect to be very profitable. Rally should rise well into January.”

I have no idea what a Right Shoulder is, but the Dow did go up between the 1st and the 8th and did decline leading into the Full Moon on the 12th. We haven’t seen that explosive year-end move, and with Saturn turning retrograde on the 31st it’s hard to imagine that we’ll see a rise in investor confidence.

Our favorite Ray Merriman also made the news this week (thanks to David Crook for the link!):

Raymond A. Merriman, a professional market analyst, trader and business astrologer based in Farmington Hills, sees the economy teetering between Camelot and Armageddon in 2009.

“Jupiter is moving into Aquarius, favoring automobiles and technology,” said Merriman, former commodities broker and investment executive who owns an international consulting company, The Merriman Market Analyst, Inc.

As a researcher of geocosmic conditions and planetary cycles, he predicted a year ago the steep swings in gas and oil prices and suggests prices will raise $20 or $30 a barrel, but never to the heights reached this summer. He suggested the oil crisis precipitated the meltdown on Wall Street Sept. 15, a day of a full moon involving Saturn and Uranus, when hope gave way to fear.

What happened? According to Merriman, Saturn and Uranus entered an orb of influence with one another. Saturn rules control, boundaries and tradition, and this collided with Uranus, a breakdown in status quo. When these planets align with Pluto, an economic disaster on the scale of the Great Depression is possible, he says. But it is just as possible that a great surge in creativity could occur, as these planets also aligned in the 15th century Renaissance.

Optimism may have financial and astrological benefits.

“If we believe in Barack Obama’s audacity of hope, we ride the wave of hope with Jupiter and Neptune, a 14-year cycle which comes together for much of 2009,” Merriman said, harkening the Camelot promise. He compares the president-elect to former Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca who powered the automaker’s revival in the early 1980s with charisma and strong leadership.

Possibilities abound, especially in environmentally friendly businesses.

Interesting point about the Saturn, Uranus and Pluto combination having occurred during the Renaissance. I found that in 1566 Saturn in Virgo opposed Pluto in Pisces and these two planets were squared by Uranus in Sagittarius.  I would argue that this T-square in mutable signs which are more likely to adapt to each other is less stressful than the upcoming T-square in cardinal signs which tend to promote more crisis (and consequently, greater evolution).  I also feel that Pluto in Pisces would be more likely to stimulate creativity than Pluto in Capricorn.  Still, there’s no point in accelerating the pessimism driving the markets downward – optimism creates positive experiences, so why not look up instead of down!!

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