financial astrologyAs I wrote a few weeks ago, we are in the middle of the second phase of the Saturn Return in the US chart.  The Saturn return occurs every 28-30 years in a chart – whether of an individual, a marriage, or a nation – and requires that we learn the hard lessons of life in a material world.  Saturn insists that we keep our eyes open and nose to the grindstone, and develop positive habits that will help us to become successful.

The Saturn return in the US chart has brought with it the usual challenges, both financial and of a more subtle nature – the kind of “malaise”  that came with the last US Saturn Return.

The Wall Street Weather website is one of the best sources for financial astrology.  Deborah writes:

“Shock” and “surprise” were the words used to describe the market’s reaction Monday after Standard & Poor’s downgraded the outlook on the USA’s long term credit rating from “stable” to “negative” over concerns that the U.S. will delay addressing medium to long-term budgetary challenges until after the 2012 presidential election. Yet the real “surprise” was that the market was surprised since S&P (as well as Moody’s) had warned on January 13 that the USA’s outlook might be lowered in the future.

Those early warning shots were fired as Mars in Capricorn conjoined the USA’s natal Pluto, indicating serious and substantive action must be taken now to reduce the USA’s enormous debt mountain. Pluto in the sector of the USA chart representing the nation’s wealth and the overall economy reflects that a large amount of government spending is kept secret (“black budget”) and off the balance sheet. Government debt generates wealth for a select group of individuals and corporations (the plutocrats) who benefit from government (Capricorn) spending and bestowing all types of tax subsidies and loopholes for their benefit.

The ratings agencies’ warning came as Pluto in Capricorn was opposing the USA’s natal Jupiter for the first time in the nation’s history, indicating that the U.S. debt burden has become so large that decisions must be made to curtail its growth.(1) Reaching these decisions will force the nation to deal with the very deepest and most divisive ideological and philosophical issues of our time.

This challenging transit to the US chart of Pluto opposing Jupiter is just the continuation of a bigger cycle involving Pluto and the US Sun and Midheaven.  There’s no doubt that the US chart is undergoing a major Plutonian realignment under this influence, but the opposition to Jupiter will make it impossible to ignore or deny.

With Venus facing off with Pluto over the next few days I would expect financial matters to be dicey.  Venus rules not only relationships but also the things we value, including our valuables and money, and Pluto demands that we go deeper into the psyche and address imbalances of power or areas of life in which superficiality has led to problems.

All of us who are American citizens are affected by the US Saturn Return, and we must be exceedingly practical with regard to our connections to our American community.  Saturn wants us to work hard and be awake to our responsibilities, making this a good time to volunteer for causes we believe in (Pluto opposing Jupiter)  and build a stronger foundation for the future.

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