Judging from the chart for the war in Iraq, events are about to make a surprising turn. After two years of a challenging transit (square) from Pluto to the Sun/Mercury conjunction in the chart, which seems to have had the effect of relentless and unending death and destruction (Pluto), Uranus (radical change) is about to transit Pluto (power and transformation) in the invasion chart.

Pluto sits prominently on the Midheaven of the chart which seems appropriate for the chart of a war, but it also opposes Saturn exactly on the IC (nadir) which suggests a terrible challenge for the families of war who have lost their homes (fourth house) and connection to their country. The fourth house deals not only with the personal and individual home, but also with tribal affiliations and Saturn at the cusp of the fourth house can show rigid delineations of those affiliations as well as tests and disappointments. This angular Saturn/Pluto opposition describes an endless war that rips families and tribes apart. The transit of Pluto across the angles and opposing Saturn in the invasion chart continued into the end of 2005.

Uranus will be square to the Saturn/Pluto MC/IC opposition for the next two years which is likely to bring about an increase in internal rebellion that breaks up the status quo (Uranus) and shifts the course of the war. A harmonious transit (sextile) of Chiron to these points has also just begun and this could bring about some internal healing to facilitate change.

Uranus is the awakener, and until the people of the world wake up to what is transpiring in the name of the so-called War on Terror, the travesty will continue. In the 1960s, we turned on and dropped out. Now it’s time to turn off the tvs, and tune back in.

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