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The Scorpio New Moon occurs November 4, 2021, at 5:14 pm EDT (9:14 pm UTC) and is a SuperMoon.  Yes, New Moons can be SuperMoons too!  A SuperMoon (© Richard Nolle) is a New or Full Moon (syzygy) that is at its closest point (perigee) to Earth.  SuperMoons exert a more powerful effect on ocean tides and geocosmic events such as earthquakes and volcanoes, and can also exert a stronger effect on the tides of our own emotions.  That is especially true for people that are more lunar in nature – those of us with placements in Cancer or prominent Moons.

At the Full Moon a SuperMoon appears big and beautiful in the sky, but at the New Moon it is invisible since the Moon is at its darkest point at that time, obscured by the light of the Sun. The New SuperMoon activates the subconscious energies, so there may be a deep and rich fertility in your thoughts and emotional processes at this time, particularly since we are talking about Scorpio here.  Under the Scorpio influence we dive fearlessly into the depths of consciousness and awareness, searching below the superficial for real meaning and absolute Truths.  A Scorpio New Moon asks that we strip away any artifice which keeps us from complete and total emotional honesty.

New Moons are times of new beginnings. and as we enter fully into Scorpio season we are drawn into the darkness of the realm of Truth.  This New Moon is very near the cross-quarter point of 15 degrees Scorpio that marks the true astrological Samhain, the time when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest. At this time we may be more easily able to tune into the guidance of our own inner voice and receive instructions for the next steps forward.  In addition, the New Moon exactly opposes Uranus, the planet of radical change and multi-dimensional communication.  Uranus inspires us to break out of outmoded ideas and embrace a new paradigm, something very much needed right now.  However, Scorpio is a fixed sign and does not adapt to change easily.  Utilizing the brilliant new ideas inspired by Uranus to break up the stuck patterns in our life can have tremendous results at this time.

Scorpio’s traditional ruler is Mars, and Mars governs our personal intentions.  The modern ruler is Pluto, the planet of fate and destiny.  Under the power of Scorpio we can harness our personal Will to the Will of fate and achieve tremendous growth and evolution if we utilize the force of our creativity and the power of Will.  At this New Moon, Mercury (mind and communication) is separating from a challenging aspect to Pluto so this depth and power of mind is still at our disposal.

At this New Moon it will be important to remember that old adage “be careful what you wish for” – we are not always aware of our own powers of manifestation, and that power is particularly strong under the influence of Scorpio.  With all of the emotional subtext going on with the SuperMoon, we may not be aware of the ways in which the subconscious undermines our conscious intentions.  Practicing presence, introspection, self-awareness – all of these things will be most helpful when navigating this week’s lunar event. ❤️

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