This week we have the turn of the seasons when the Sun enters Aries at the Equinox.  In this week’s video I’ll do a little dive into the meaning of the Equinox and forecast the energies for the week ahead.  Enjoy!

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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the astrology of the week, starting Monday, March 15, through Monday, March 22 2021. This week we have the spring equinox or the March Equinox if you’re in the southern hemisphere, and we also have Venus moving into Aries a little later in the week.

Before we get into that, I’d like to recap something I talked about last week and probably the week before, but right now there are no planets in retrograde motion until April 27. When Pluto turns retrograde will have no retrograde planets. When we have a planet that’s in retrograde motion, the influence of that planet tends to be hindered somewhat, it tends to be more subtle, it can sometimes cause us to look backwards and have to redo something from the past. We’re very familiar with Mercury retrograde where we have to do that four times a year. It’s very rare for there to be no planets retrograde. And that suggests that right now, the energies are pretty free to move ahead as planned. There’s not a lot that’s pulling us back that’s forcing us to look into the past. So it might be easier right now to look ahead into the future than it has been we’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the past and wondering what does that really mean for the future. Now the road to the future is relatively unimpeded. The other thing I wanted to talk about is just the fact that there are no major planetary alignments right now. So that means no alignments of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or any of the outer planets all through the month of March. When those planets are quieter when there’s not as strong an influence. Some of the more subtle influences are louder their voices can be heard.

We can’t really talk about the vernal equinox or the March Equinox without talking about the tropical zodiac. This is kind of a thorny issue for astrologers, and you may find this in your travels as you’re reading about astrology. Astrologers that follow the ancient Indian path called Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, use the sidereal zodiac. And what that means is they’re looking at the actual planetary positions as they are in the sky right now. Western astrology, though, is a symbolic system. The signs correspond roughly with the constellations, but they’re not exactly the constellations, when we’re saying that the Sun is moving through Sagittarius. It’s not starting at the actual position of Sagittarius in the sky, and ending at that same actual position. It’s a symbolic 30 degree length of the sky, approximately where the constellation of Sagittarius is. In Western astrology we use what’s called the tropical zodiac. The tropical zodiac puts zero degrees Aries at the vernal equinox and zero degrees Libra at the fall equinox. The Equinox points are the days when the light and the dark are of equal length. It’s a period of balance. It’s a period of stasis before we go towards the bright season, which is summer, or the dark season which is winter.

In the tropical zodiac, the Sun will reach zero degrees Aries on March 20. In the Sidereal zodiac, the Sun will not reach zero degrees Aries until April 14. That is not the same day as the equinox. So if we’re talking about the differences between those two zodiacs, and this may be too technical for a lot of you, and that’s fine. If you’re talking about the difference between those two zodiacs we can see very clearly what the difference is as far as the spring equinox goes.

These quarter points are very important in a lot of religions, the Jewish holidays, many of them are tied to full Moons around the time of equinoxes in the Christian religion, Easter is tied to a full Moon around the equinox. The charts for these quarter points are also thought to be tools for predicting how things are going to go in the coming season. We’re not going to really get into that today. But the equinox is a portal of energy. You know, it’s a time of balance. It’s a time where we are shifting into a new season where there’s an enhanced energy for change, and mostly where there’s an opportunity for growth. So that’s coming up next week.

We also have Venus changing signs – it will be moving into Aries. It’s been in Pisces for the last few weeks where it’s been more dreamy, where there’s been more compassion. We’re open Heart universal love type things. And when Venus goes into Aries, the planet of relationship in the sign of the individual, it’s a time when we really are more focused on ourself and our own needs. So that can make relationships a little bit more difficult. But it’s definitely going to be a time when we need to pay some attention to our own needs and a partnership in a relationship anytime that we’re dealing with other people. And that’s really all of the major factors.

So now let’s talk about the week ahead. We’ve just had the Pisces New Moon and last week we had two planets as well as the Sun and Moon all in Pisces. Now the Moon is in Aries, but we still have three planets in Pisces. And then on Monday, Mercury also moves into Pisces. So we are back to four planetary bodies all in the sign of Pisces, we call this a stellium. And it’s a concentration of energy in one sign, we still are in a very strong Piscean state, Pisces having to do with the transcendence of boundaries, a transcendence of the details of our day to day world, a yearning to find more magic. It’s a time of heightened creativity and spirituality, but not a very good time for details. Not a very good time for systems and structures, organizations strategies, it’s a time when our intuition and our feelings are really more important. And with Mercury entering Pisces, now we have the addition of the Planet of the mind in the sign of the dreamer. So this is a time when we can be more creative. This can really enhance our ability to experience our imagination in a deeper way, which can be a wonderful thing for anything having to do with creativity, spirituality, imagination, any kind of transcendent experience.

And then there’s a couple of lunar aspects there’s a harmonious sextile to Jupiter in the late morning eastern time, and a challenging square from the Moon to Pluto at 11:40pm. Eastern Time, the challenging square from the Aries Moon which is so dynamic to Pluto, which can create power blocks and power complex that’s only going to last for a few hours, it could suggest a time of intensity, a time where the passions are heightened, you know, that can be good for some things, but it could also be somewhat stressful, especially in this Piscean time. So just watch for that on Monday very late. Since it’s a lunar aspect. It’s only going to last for a couple of hours. Then on Tuesday we have a lovely sextile from the Sun in Pisces to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is empowering. it deepens our experience, it intensifies our viewpoint. And while the Sun represents the self in the natal chart, when we’re talking about solar aspects in the sky, or solar transits, it’s not as personal the Sun illuminates everything. So when the Sun is sextile to Pluto, the planet of intensity, the illumination is greater the experience of brightness and light is enhanced. And the Sun is in Pisces where creativity is emphasized. And so this day of the Sun sextile Pluto really covers a wide array of experiences. It’s going to help us to dive more deeply into pretty much everything that we’re doing. It’s a generally very positive time.

The Moon will enter Taurus at 6:56am eastern time, it’s going to harmonize and a sextile to Mercury in Pisces at 8:30am which continues to enhance this expansion, the open heart the compassion, Divine Love, meditation, transcendence. These are all piscean themes. And we have Pluto here intensifying them. And the Taurus Moon harmonizing and a sextile to Mercury in Pisces helps us to link the mind with the heart a little more effectively. And then just before midnight that day, the Taurus Moon is going to transit Uranus for just a few hours. And this is a time you know, on the East Coast, it’s going to be dark, we’re going to be sleeping but this could wake us up because Uranus is the Awakener The Moon is in Taurus where we crave peace, equanimity, and here’s Uranus waking us up to something new. And we also have a harmonious sextile from Mars which is in Gemini to Chiron in Aries, which isn’t going to peak until Wednesday. But that energy is starting to build this is a harmonious aspect. You know Mars gives us a courage to face our fears to dive into those deep emotional places where Chiron dwells. This aspect won’t perfect until Wednesday at 11:35pm So it’s going to take a full day and probably a little bit on Tuesday to really to start building.

Anytime with Mars, there’s a drive and here we have Mars harmonizing with Chiron on the planet that teaches us how to release the patterns of our past how to release the pain from our past. Mars is in the sign of Gemini where there’s a strong drive to talk and to communicate. So while we’re doing this healing and releasing, talking to other people about it, maybe chatting online is going to be an excellent way to help to facilitate the transformation. That’s a part of this aspect. Anytime we’re dealing with Chiron there is a big release of energy that’s held by emotions. But it’s not just about wounding and healing. It’s also about mentorship and the desire to help others that could be the focus also, on Wednesday, sort of an infusion of a desire to help other people that are dealing with the same thing that you are.

Anytime we’re dealing with Chiron I always talk about wounding and healing and the emotions and all of that, but those things are not always present. And they’re present in different degrees for different people. Some people are very wounded, and they have a lot of pain to release. Other people don’t really have all of that trauma stored up. So Chiron doesn’t have to always reveal a place where we have to heal something, it can merely just suggest a place where we’re learning more about life, or we’re opening ourselves up in greater awareness and in greater depth so that we can better connect with other people in the ability to serve them and to serve humanity in that way. So Chi Ron really is a server of humanity. And just as an aside, this is one of many reasons why I feel like Chiron is really the modern ruler of Virgo, which shares some of those ideals – but that’s a subject for another time.

On Wednesday, there’s a Venus aspect of sextile to Pluto that’s starting to build that won’t take effect until Thursday. So we just had the harmonious sextile from the Sun to Pluto. Now we have the harmonious aspect from Venus to Pluto Venus Pluto aspects are wonderful for our connections to other people. Well I should rephrase that Venus Pluto harmonious aspects are wonderful for our connections to other people but stressful Venus Pluto aspects squares conjunctions opposition’s can be very challenging and can suggest some power conflicts that come up. But when there’s a harmonious aspect Pluto is all about depth and transformation. It inspires us to have experiences that take us very deeply into what it means to be alive. Now we call Pluto the planet of life and death, or death and rebirth. And what that really means is the experience of being alive.

The sextile from Venus to Pluto peaks on Thursday at 1:19pm. If there’s any kind of relationship issues that you need to deal with, that would be a very good day for it. This not only has to do with married couples, friends, romantic relationships, but also business relationships, any kind of interaction with other people, maybe dealing with your children, neighbors don’t really fall under the auspices of Venus. But because Venus has to do with how we feel about ourselves, and therefore how we relate to other people from that perspective, it really affects all of our relationships and all of our interactions with others. So on Thursday, that’s going to be a big highlight. And then Meanwhile, the Taurus Moon makes a number of harmonious aspects to all the Pisces planets, and it also harmonizes with that nice Venus Pluto dynamic. So Thursday is just a wonderful day for good feeling and interacting with other people no real challenges on Thursday,

Thursday night around 7:47pm eastern time the Moon enters Gemini. When the Moon goes into Gemini there’s much more of an interest in conversation, reading, learning the transmission of information. And at 5:27am eastern time the Gemini Moon makes a square to Mercury in Pisces. This can be a time of confusion. The Moon in Gemini has trouble concentrating. It really doesn’t want to just stick to one thing it can be very interested in everything and Pisces is not very focused. Pisces doesn’t flit around like Mercury so much but Pisces is very dreamy and can also be distracted for a few hours there’s going to be a lack of concentration and a lack of focus with these two interacting that’s going to last till say maybe 8am eastern time or so please suggest for your own time zone at around 2:25pm the Gemini Moon is going to conjoin Mars which is also in Gemini, there still is a lot of mental activity but that Moon Mars conjunction can be somewhat irritating and it can be Create some dissonance and stress but it can also help us to feel more inspired and more motivated. Mars can be difficult for sure. But it also has that fire to inspire and motivate action. And then at 4:49pm, when the Moon harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of form, we can take all that energy and enthusiasm for action and harness it into something that can actually do some good.

And that takes us to Saturday, March 20, the day of the equinox, which occurs at 5:37am eastern time when the Sun enters Aries. When the Sun enters Aries, it’s the first hint that we’re leaving Pisces season and moving into Aries season. At that time, only Chiron is in Aries other than the Sun, so we’re starting to move into a little bit more of a fire period. in Aquarius season, we were in air Pisces season we were in water, and now we’re moving into fire. So there’s going to be more of a focus on action more of a focus on transformation burning up the old in the fire and emerging into something new. Also, on Saturday between two and 3pm or so we have the Moon in a trine to Jupiter and in a square to Neptune Jupiter and Neptune are the two rulers of Pisces. So they’re connected in that way. And we have the Gemini Moon interacting with both of them. This lunar aspect is just for a few hours, it can bring some opportunities with Jupiter and it can open up some doors of perception with Neptune it’s a good time for creativity. Again, it would not be a good time for a decision, but it’s only going to last for a few hours. But you might just want to mark that on your calendar in case something important comes up just wait until maybe 5pm that day when these things have passed.

And then we have a couple of planetary aspects that are building that aren’t going to take effect until the next day. We have a sextile from Mercury in Pisces to Uranus and Taurus which is starting to build. It’s not going to culminate till about 7:30pm on Sunday, but it definitely is starting to build at that time. Anytime we have Mercury, Uranus contacts, there’s a chance that there can be an infusion of some new ideas. We already have Mercury in Pisces, which has a very open mind. It almost learns through osmosis. It’s very creative, and it’s very accepting and the harmonious interaction with Uranus, the planet of radical new ideas, innovation change, you know can be a big awakening. This is only going to really last for the very end of Saturday and into Sunday. And by the end of Sunday this will have moved on. But we also have a harmonious Trine from Mars which is in Gemini to Saturn in Aquarius and that is starting to build on Sunday. That’s going to culminate at about 10:30am. Mars and Saturn are kind of natural allies in a way because Mars creates the energy for action. And Saturn helps us decide what to do with it. Saturn creates the form that we need in order to make things happen. So a Trine from Mars to Saturn is very useful for really doing anything now it’s on Sunday and depending on what your life is all about. That might be a day of relaxation, but it’s likely to be a day when you have really good energy and if there’s something you’ve been putting off that you need a little bit of a boost in order to do that would be a very good day for that to happen.

We also have Venus entering Aries that day at 10:16am. So we’re going to have the Sun in Aries Chiron is already an Aries. Now we have Venus in Aries, we’re definitely moving into Aries season. So it’s a time for action. It’s a time for more movement. It’s a time to think more about you, I was gonna say me, I need to think about me! It’s a time when we need to think more about ourselves areas is very self directed. There’s this idea that being selfish is bad. And I would say certainly being selfish IS bad. You know, we need to consider the needs of other people. But for many people, especially women, we tend not to think so much about what we need or what we want. We tend not to really look at those things, we tend to be focused on others and what they need, and that is wonderful and admirable, but it can also be detrimental. It can eat away at our soul at some point. So having some planetary help in the sign of Aries is going to be useful for some of us.

Also on Sunday the Moon enters cancer at 8:17am. So while we have this new fire, we also have the introduction of more water with the Cancer element Cancer is very vulnerable. You know there’s this emotional vulnerability with Cancer with Pisces which is another water sign. It’s more of just the flow of water, taking the path of least resistance. But with Cancer, it’s very personal. Everything is much more personal. So while the Moon is in cancer, we are all a little more sensitive. take that into consideration when you get to Sunday. And then on Monday, of course, we’ll have a new video. There’s not very much going on on Monday. So not much to report to get you ready for and I will see you at that time. Thanks so much for joining me. Leave me any messages or questions in the comments and I will see you next week.

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