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If you have questions not covered here, just ask!

I know I want a reading. How do I go about it?

It’s simple!  Just go to the main readings page here and select the length session that you would like, and book the date and time that’s most convenient for you.  You will be asked for payment to secure your appointment.   Then you can send in this information form to help me prepare.

If you have questions or prefer to book directly with me, simply email me to begin the discussion and we will together find the best reading option and time for scheduling.

I’d like to have a reading but I don’t know my birth time. Or, I’d like to have a relationship reading but I don’t know the birth time of my significant other.

The birth time and place sets up the structure of the chart including the Ascendant and Midheaven and exact placement of the Moon. But we can learn a great deal without the birth time if it is not available. We will know the degree and signs of all of the planets and the Sun, and we will have a pretty close idea of the Moon’s placement.  If you don’t have a copy of your birth certificate email me with your place of birth and I can direct you to the appropriate place to contact.

I don’t “rectify” charts per se (rectification is a very iffy business and I prefer not to rely on guesswork wherever possible), but if we know whether the birth took place in the morning, afternoon or at night (for example, just after lunch or after the Tonight Show) we can sometimes approximate a fairly specific birth time.

Can you predict the future in an astrological reading?

An astrological reading cannot tell you when you will meet your soulmate or win the lottery and much of what happens to us is part of the world that we create for ourselves. There is nothing in the birthchart that ever says you will never get married or are doomed to be a failure in your career. In fact, sometimes the most challenging placements can be found in the charts of the most successful people.

An astrology reading can reveal patterns that may have hindered your relationships or career in the past, and suggest changes you can make that will enable you to be more successful in the future. We can also see what planetary cycles are coming that will facilitate relationships or career success, and which could bring challenges that will require adjustments in order to maneuver more easily.

Are these psychic readings? Why do you call yourself an “intuitive” astrologer?

There is an intuitive element to my readings, but much of the information comes directly from the birthchart. I will always clarify when the information I am giving you is from intuition rather than the chart, as any intuitive information must be run through your own intuition.

Intuitive ability helps to fill out the bones of the astrological chart and add color and detail where it may otherwise be missing. However, there are many times in our life when specific answers are not provided because it is the process of discovery that is important, and none of us can be truly clairvoyant in those cases.

I do offer intuitive readings and coaching sessions which are not based on chart analysis, but during these sessions I still use the astrology as a window for guidance.

How do I know how long a session to book?

I offer a variety of sessions to suit the needs and wallets of a wide range of people:

A 40-minute session provides a fairly thorough review of the birthchart and a look at the major planetary cycles as well as a bit of forecasting. This may be sufficient for people who have had their birthcharts read before and are more concerned about a difficult crisis period. I can usually fit a 40-minute session into my schedule more easily if there is an urgency to the request.

Some clients like to have a session every few months for general life coaching that includes more detailed analysis of current planetary cycles including the faster moving transits and progressions, and for this a 40-minute session is usually adequate. Frequent clients receive a discount on their sessions.

Most new clients select the 60-minute option. This provides a little more time for forecasting and enables me to get into the chart with a little more detail. There is also more time for client questions and interaction. Yearly or quarterly forecasting sessions fit nicely into a one-hour session.

If you want to add another chart and discuss a relationship, you will need at least a 60-minute session.

A 90-minute session gives us ample time to discuss the birthchart in detail, review recent planetary cycles and forecast for the coming year. If Visioncrafting is desired along with an astrology reading, 90 minutes is really optimum. A relationship reading will also fit into this time period.

A two-hour session provides plenty of time for client interaction as well as additional time to incorporate the charts of family members or business partners and examine the details of the dynamics between people. There is also time in a two-hour session for Visioncrafting.

What if I have specific questions I want to ask?

I encourage you to give me questions and specific issues in advance so that I can include them in my preparation for your session. This reading is for YOU – I don’t follow any predetermined format. This is why I prefer phone or video sessions, so that we can talk about your needs and how we can make your session the most effective for you.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

I spend a great deal of time before the reading appointment to prepare extensively for our session together.  Therefore, advance payment is required in order to hold your appointment time in order to prevent the problem of no-shows which could keep another client from scheduling an appointment in that time period. But don’t worry, if you need to cancel with overnight notice or have an emergency your payment will be promptly refunded, and see the next question.

What if I’m not happy with my reading?

Occasionally I miss the mark or can’t connect with a client and a reading doesn’t go well. In that case I will cheerfully refund the entire cost of the reading if you choose to terminate the session before we are finished.

Can I give a reading as a gift?

This kind of in-depth astrological reading is not just for entertainment purposes only!  It can be a life-changing event, and not everyone is looking for that kind of information.  While I appreciate the confidence of my clients in wanting to gift a reading to a loved one, it is not always the best idea.  If you would like to offer a gift of a reading to your friends and family, please have them visit my site to be sure they resonate with my work before you give a reading as a gift, and they will need to contact me directly to schedule the appointment.

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