Every Friday I dig into the archives for something interesting to share with you.  This post has been updated from an earlier article.

For many, the first day of a new year is a day like any other, and to think otherwise is just a trick of the calendar. But a magical life is filled with symbols and meaning, and the passage through the doorway into a new year can be filled with the magic of transformation.

The Romans celebrated the first day of the year as a festival to Janus, their god of gates, doors, beginnings and endings. They named the month of January after him, and portrayed him with two faces: one looking back and one looking forward. Janus presided over transition from past to future, the passage from childhood to adulthood and into old age. One of his faces was often portrayed clean-shaven with the other bearded.

Gates and doors are both portals from one experience to another. We enter through a gate and leave a part of ourselves behind; we enter the world of the unknown when we transition from one phase to another. Sometimes we seek change, sometimes we embrace it. Other times we fight it – holding on to the past for dear life. However we approach change it is, of course, inevitable. No matter how hard we wish for the day to remain, the night will come – followed by the next day of new beginnings.

I have spent a lifetime co-creating my own future, and helping others to improve their lives through a process of healing and creative visualization, a process I call Visioncrafting. Each goal that was achieved open a doorway to a new goal, until now, at the age of 67 (what???) I have fulfilled really every one of my goals for my lifetime.  Once we are at the pinnacle of what we have wished for, our goals become different.  Now I want less rather than more.  I want simpler rather than complicated.  My vision for the future is more about peace and harmony and less about cars and vacations.  Perhaps this is true for you as well.

In any case, I still believe that if we try to travel without a map we may get lost.  I still believe that having a wish and ideal for the future is a valuable thing, as long as there is flexibility for the Universe to offer surprise destinations and experiences.  So as we look forward to the future, let’s keep in mind the lessons of the past so that we can envision a future that is full of the rich experiences that will fulfill our lives.

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