From time to time I’ll post a Q&A that might have relevance to others. Because Pluto has been making a square to the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of those born between 1963 and 1967 I thought this might be helpful for them and anyone going through a major Pluto cycle.

Q: I have been going through a tough time, lots of changes and adversity since March 2004. Loss of my job, having to go back to college in mid-life, being stalked. Things seem to be going better
since the beginning of July (new job). Am I going to be alright now, or is this just a quiet time before it hits again?


In order to understand what the past few years have been about we need to take a look at the makeup of your astrological chart which describes the issues that you carry with you so that they can be resolved during your lifetime. You were born in the height of the cultural revolution of the 1960s, and you carry that imprint within you in the form of the conjunction of Uranus (radical change) to Pluto (transformation) that took place the year that you were born. This is a generational thing – everyone born between 1963 and 1968 has this dynamic in their chart.
What makes yours more unique is that the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto also conjuncts your Moon which is in Virgo, This combination normally creates a fair amount of disturbance in the psyche, and often a tendency to draw a certain amount of violence into your life. I don’t mean to say that you choose to attract violence, but simply that you may magnetize it into your life in order to face your own darker instincts (as represented by Pluto). This is not comfortable with your Virgo Moon which prefers to categorize your emotions into nicely manageable compartments but ultimately, the combination of Pluto with your Moon will bring you great emotional strength once you have faced and conquered your fears.
The difficulties you have been going through are mainly due to a long cycle of Pluto hitting sensitive points in your chart. You are not yet out of that cycle, but understanding the nature of Pluto will help you to navigate this period more successfully. Pluto is drawing out of you all of that which you keep hidden from yourself in order to fully integrate all aspects of your personality so that you can become more whole. Pluto cycles are very good times for psychotherapy, since they often dredge up old secrets that one would have thought were long gone. During a major Pluto transit such as the one you are going through it’s very useful to cultivate a relationship with your inner guidance or deity. I view Pluto as being the will of the higher self, and it will be essential to cultivate a deep faith that what is happening is truly for your highest good.
The Uranus/Pluto/Moon complex forms an opposition (180 degrees) to another conjunction of Saturn to Chiron right on your Midheaven. In English, this means that the principle of discipline, hard work and disappointment (Saturn) combines with the principle of healing our old wounds (Chiron) which keeps you from being able to hide from yourself and any painful places that remain in your psyche. The combination of Saturn and Chiron usually indicates a person who is on a healing journey, and as you face your pain and your fears you are able to re-integrate them back into your being in order to become more whole. The fact that this Saturn/Chiron dynamic falls on your Midheaven, the cusp of the 10th house of career and public life, tells us that this dynamic is likely to be prominent in your life and perhaps affect your life’s work. This is an excellent placement for someone who does healing work, but usually not until you have done quite a bit of this work yourself.
These dynamics have been deeply affected by transiting Pluto since 2002 when Pluto in the sky made a square to the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in your chart. This is a generational dynamic but it began the wheels turning in this whole complex in your chart. Pluto transits bring us face to face with our fears and usually bring actual events that force us to realize that in some matters we have little control. The good news is that when we look back on Pluto events we find that they brought tremendous transformation and positive changes. This process would have become much more personal back in January 2004 when Pluto squared your Moon, your emotional security point. The Pluto/Moon cycle ended back in September 2005 but this was just the first part of the process.
Pluto hit Chiron in your chart back in January which began the cycle of transformation to the psychic wounds (Chiron) in your nature. This cycle will conclude at the end of this year, and then Pluto will hit Saturn and your midheaven. This can be a time of great empowerment as you shed your old skins and the butterfly emerges strong and true from the chrysalis. Pluto transits to the Midheaven often bring tremendous transformation but in order to become truly activated we must let go of many old ideas of ourselves and how we want our lives to be.
You are also going through your “Uranus opposition” which is one of the midlife crisis transits. This is a time when we embrace change – in fact we seek it out. This will help you to break free of any entrenched patterns that are keeping you stuck. All of this will be uncomfortable for your Virgo Moon which is cautious and does not like change so it will be important to maintain the daily rituals that keep you grounded (Virgo loves these rituals of every day life). Throughout all of this Pluto is making a trine to your Aries Venus, showing that your friends and community (Venus is in the 11th house of friendships and shared ideals) will be a great support to you during this time.
I know this is a difficult time, but recognizing the power of transformation that is available to you know will help to make it easier to navigate.
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