astrological adviceQ: I am really struggling against all of the odds. Lots of malicious gossips, malicious people in general that I have to live among, give treatment to and build my business, which is virtually impossible and I’m running out of money. If you can see what steps may be best for me to make regarding business or earnings that would be a great help.

A: You are what we call a “Double Capricorn” – your Sun is in Capricorn and you have Capricorn rising, so the sign of Capricorn is very strong in your chart.  The destiny of Capricorn is to master the material world, so it’s no wonder you have a craving to build your business and in fact building a business or making some kind of mark in the world is what you are meant to do.

Like all of us, you have challenges you must face in order to accomplish your goals.  While your Mars (drive and desire) is in Aries, where it is most powerful and most easily able to manifest your desires, it is opposite your very polite and sensitive Libra Moon.  Anger and confrontation likely frightens you, whether it’s coming from inside you or from someone else.  And Mars is also opposite Pluto, the planet of power and personal transformation.  Often people with Mars/Pluto dynamics in their chart experience betrayals and power conflicts in their life until they are able to stand up for what they need in their own life and develop the strength to assert themselves with confidence.  This has likely been particularly difficult over the past couple of years because Pluto in the sky has been transiting your Sun – the very essence of who you are – encouraging your own empowerment through facing difficult situations.  That is what will help to clear your life of this sense of malicious people that surround you.

Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, is also involved here which suggests that the wounds around feelings of empowerment run deep and are meant to be cleared so that you can fully become the powerful manifestor that you are meant to be.

Regarding money, Pisces is on the cusp of your second house of wealth and possessions which could show that despite your Capricornian business sense you are not always so smart about money.  The Mars/Chiron combination inhabits the second house, so this wound around your being able to accumulate the assets you need to feel secure is a tricky one.  The good news is that Chiron wounds CAN be healed.

So my advice to you, dear reader, is to (a) protect your income and savings by being diligent and not haphazard with a financial plan, (b) practice your growing self-confidence and ability to defend yourself against obstacles so that you continue to feel stronger and more empowered, and (c) face malicious people around you with this renewed sense of confidence and the knowledge that you are on the path to your destiny!

If you have a burning question that requires an answer, perhaps astrology can help.  I can’t answer all questions, but will select the ones that could be of help to others. 

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