Q: I am Capricorn sun with Cancer moon. This is polarity, and yes my life has been full of utter polarity. Homeless one minute and £30,000 in the bank the next. I have looked on the net for advice to people who hold the opposites in their charts, but never found much that was helpful Hold it all together is what you would say. It has made me very strong. The two solstices are very powerful times for me.

A: Most people do have opposites in their chart, so we all must learn at some point or another to integrate the poiarities within ourselves. The important thing to remember about the astrological opposites is that each has what the other lacks. In the case of Cancer and Capricorn, Cancer is concerned with the home and the inner life, Capricorn is concerned with the outer world and career or public life outside the home.

Your Moon is actually in Virgo, but you have Cancer on the ascendant. The issue of the opposition is made more powerful by the fact that your Capricorn Sun sits right on the descendant of the chart, the point of relationships, and opposes your ascendant, the point of personal identity. Plus, Jupiter and Uranus are extremely tightly conjunct in Cancer and sitting right on the ascendant. So the Cancer influence is equally powerful to your Capricorn Sun. The Jupiter and Uranus combination, especially on the ascendant, makes you a unique (Uranus) and positive (Jupiter) person with your own way of doing things, something that can conflict with the Capricorn drive for achievement and the Cancer drive for tribal affiliation, or more simply, the pull between our work life and our family life.

In addition, Chiron is conjunct your Sun and opposes the Jupiter/Uranus combination which reveals a wound (Chiron) around your ability to experience success and achievement in the world. You may have attracted the Capricorn energy from your partners since your Sun and the sign of Capricorn is on the descendant, in which case you may have played out the more nurturing side.

The fatigue that you mention comes from two sources: Neptune, which is very empathic and urges us towards a spiritual life, is in challenging aspect (square) to the big opposition between your Sun/Chiron and Jupiter/Uranus, and Neptune is exactly square to Chiron which can signify vague and undiagnosable health problems. In addition, Mars in your chart is in watery Pisces where it finds difficulty expressing the fire of drive and desire. My clients will recognize this as a broken record, but physical activity is the best antidote for Mars problems and Neptune issues since it stokes the fire and keeps the furnace running smoothly.

It’s not surprising that the solstices are powerful times for you, because they mark the entry into Capricorn (winter solstice) and Cancer (summer solstice). All of these varying influences come together to make you the complex and wonderful person that you are!


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