Q: Can you tell me when I will meet my soulmate? Or what is keeping me from meeting her?

A: I’m glad that you wrote to me, because you have a type of chart that can make it difficult to gain perspective on your life by yourself. Your chart lacks the air element which helps to facilitate this perspective and the thoughts of others can act as a mirror for you which can be useful.

You are a strong Leo, with not only your Sun in Leo but also your mercury (thoughts and communication) and Jupiter (faith and meaning). These three Leo planets are in your first house and the Sun is your chart ruler; all of this tells us that your true mission in this lifetime is to develop your own personality and learn to express your own creative and unique individuality. Any relationship that you become involved in will need to give you the room to be able to be completely and truly yourself.

Your Sun conjuncts Jupiter, which gives you a great deal of self confidence and a natural good fortune; however, this combination is squared by Neptune which can make it easy for you to lose yourself in your fantasies and you may let opportunities slip through your fingers.

Your Scorpio Moon shows that your emotions (Moon) are deep and passionate (Scorpio) and that you have a tendency to hold onto things and people. Scorpio does not let go and Leo can be rather stubborn as well. It may be difficult for you to let go of relationships that aren’t good for you. Often letting go of situations that are no longer working for us frees us to be open when the right situation comes along. Your Moon is conjunct Neptune, showing that you are very romantic and creative, probably artistic.

Venus in your chart is in Virgo and it is in retrograde motion (meaning that when you were born Venus appeared to be moving backwards). This can make it difficult for you to express your affection to your loved ones and I suspect they may not always know how you feel about them. Venus in Virgo can be somewhat picky and you may be waiting for someone who has a perfect appearance rather than looking for the person who is perfect for you. Venus is conjunct Pluto which sometimes brings a fear of rejection.

Leo has a sense of royalty, and rejection for Leo is not just painful but it strikes at the heart of one’s individuality. This alone could make it difficult for you to engage in relationships that have a true potential. We often want to run from this kind of discomfort but it’s important to have courage and face your fear; keep yourself from running when you feel you must.

I suspect that you have a picture of the kind of relationship that you want and you look for the person that will fit your picture. This can be very useful but I suspect that you are missing some of the more subtle details that will attract just the right person for you. I suggest that you make a list of the qualities that you desire in your ideal partner, and make it several pages long. This is a very useful practice that will help you to identify what it is that you really are looking for, and make it easier for you to draw this relationship to you.

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