Full-Frosty-MoonThe Taurus Full Moon occurs around midnight tonight (1:17 am Eastern), and it will be a powerful one!!   There is a very tight Grand Trine in earth signs right now, with the Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo.

Grand Trines are harmonious aspects that facilitate personal satisfaction and an easy and relaxed experience. By themselves they can lead to self-indulgence and complacency, but in this case the Grand Trine includes a hard aspect as well (the opposition from the Sun to the Moon that produces the Full Moon and turns the Grand Trine into a Kite formation). The Kite is a more dynamic aspect because it contains an opposition aspect (Sun/Moon in this case) as well as the Grand Trine which helps to energize the planets towards positive change.

The Sun and Moon are also involved in a challenging aspect (T-square) to Chiron and Neptune, all in fixed signs.  This kind of aspect creates a crisis that encourages action to relieve the crisis. In this case the crisis will involve the eruption into consciousness (Full Moon) of unhealed wounds (Chiron) that may have been driven into the subconscious (Neptune). The Chiron/Neptune combination also signifies an increase of personal wisdom that can be accessed directly by the power of the Full Moon. The fixed signs resist change which will hold back the evolutionary process somewhat unless we remain aware to relax into the process and allow the magic to unfold.

In the middle of all of this, Jupiter and Uranus, which have been moving slowly towards a sextile (harmonious aspect) which brings exciting new changes and expansive opportunities have reached the apex of that relationship just as the Moon is full.  The energy of this aspect infuses the Full Moon with illumination and energizes us for change and innovation.

The blend of the harmonious Grand Trine and the stressful aspects creates a powerhouse of interactions that is lubricated by the Trines for maximum benefit. The Taurus Full Moon focuses on earthly pleasure, material security and financial stability. There is a love of nature and the beauty of the natural world. Taurus is a fertile sign and can nurture our creativity and add pleasure to our relationships.

The Taurus Full Moon arrives when the Sun is in Scorpio, so there is a need now to balance the Taurean need for security, pleasure and peace with the Scorpio urge for intensity and passion.  When integrated, this is a powerful combination of human motivations and under this influence our intention and will can be easily focused so that we can manifest our dreams. With great power comes great responsibility, so let’s work on sharpening our intentions so that they will do the most good, not only in our individual lives but for our communities as well.

art by Robin: Full Frosty Moon

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