The Full Moon is still a few days away, but its energy is beginning to make itself known. This Full Moon is in Aquarius, opposing the Sun in Leo. Over the past week we have seen Mars beginning a harmonious dance with Jupiter which reaches the exact degree on August 8. During this first week there will be an expansion (Jupiter) of energy (Mars) available that will help to shake out the cobwebs of the inward push we have been experiencing with five retrograde planets during July. This provides an excellent lead-up to the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 9 (at 6:54 am EST).

This is a powerful Full Moon, nearly exactly conjunct the Saturn/Neptune opposition. The Full Moon occurs when the instinctive and unconscious principle of the Moon is illuminated by the conscious principle of the Sun. We have greater access to our creativity during this period, as well as our own inner sense of power which is released by the solarization of the unconscious. During this Full Moon the Sun conjuncts Saturn in Leo, bringing a stabilizing force desiring a practical application. The Moon is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, expanding our creativity and inner awareness, as well as our ability to transcend the details of our reality and experience the source of all creation. There is potential here for a great transformation of consciousness if these two opposing polarities can be balanced and integrated during the shadow period of the Full Moon, three or four days before and after August 9.

However, unless there is a conscious awareness and application of intention this could also be a confusing time where we feel we are standing on sands that shift and provide no stability. Venus and Mercury are dancing towards an exact conjunction in Cancer at the Full Moon, and the combination of the Venusian desire to connect and Mercury’s quest for understanding makes this a good time for partnership activities and working together towards a common goal. However, Mars is approaching an opposition (stressful aspect) to Uranus, a potentially explosive influence that may break up any alliances that are formed. Fortunately, Jupiter is in positive aspect to both Mars and Uranus, which may help to expand (Jupiter) our ability to balance the aggressive instincts of Mars with the radical rebellious instinct of Uranus.

This Full Moon will have the most impact on those of us with planets in the middle degrees of the fixed signs: Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus. The nervous system is particularly vulnerable since Aquarius is involved, and grounding activities are highly recommended.

As with all planetary cycles, understanding the nature of the dynamics will help us to harness the energies that are available to us and use them for the purpose of our own personal growth.

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