The Full Moon in December was known by many native Americans and other cultures as the “Cold Moon.” The Sun is at its weakest now: it is lowest in the sky and the trajectory of the Moon is therefore higher than in any other Full Moon event. The nights are longest and darkest, and the winter cold has taken over the land.

The Moon is Full in Gemini at 7:25 pm on December 4, with Uranus forming a tight aspect (T-square) to the Moon and Sun which are now opposite each other. During the Full Moon, the lunar unconscious principle faces off against the solar conscious principle. The Sun illuminates the Moon at this time, casting a bright line on the deep workings of the unconscious, empowering the Moon to reveal her inner secrets. Uranus is the planet of innovation and rebellion, and because the Moon is in Gemini, the sign of communication and the processing of experience, Uranus calls on us now to open up to new ways of thinking, new technologies that open doors to awareness.

Uranus is called “The Awakener,” it shakes up our old routines and provides inspiration but it is hampered by a square of Mercury to Saturn that same day. Saturn enforces limitations, and in the difficult aspect to Mercury it seeks to restrain our thinking and may keep us from realizing the full potential of the Uranus influence. As with any such conflicting dynamic, the key is to negotiate the two influences. Saturn loves form, and while Uranus seeks to burn through tradition and establish new patterns Saturn will resist this. During the Full Moon our ideas and plans can come to fruition, and using Saturn to create a new form through which the Uranian ideas can be expressed will help to integrate the dynamics of these two great gods. Gemini is the sign through which the lunar energy is focused now, and for Gemini there is a need for direct experience as well as ideas and communication with others. Gemini is highly verbal but also very active and requires a great deal of stimulation. This is a time for active learning and teaching, for sharing information with others and taking short trips to expand one’s horizons.

During this Full Moon we have an opportunity to prepare for the return of the sun at the Winter Solstice on December 21. The Uranian energy facilitates change and new ideas as well as the clearing out of anything in your life that is old and stale or repressive, and the strong Sagittarius presence that we are still feeling with so many planets in Sag will help to keep us optimistic and our vision strong.

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