Cancer Full MoonThe Moon reached her fullness at 2:29 am Eastern/7:29 GMT. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so there is a powerful emphasis now on lunar attributes such as instincts, the subconscious, feelings and emotions. The Moon is also associated with mystery, since it illuminates the darkness, and because it is the only planetary body other than Chiron and Ceres in the element of water, the sudden emphasis on the watery realm of feelings may seem a bit startling.

The Cancer influence of the Moon opposes the Sun in the practical sign of Capricorn, so there is a bit of a struggle between the earthly realm and the realm of mystery. This creates a powerful energy that can be utilized to your advantage if you apply your focus and remain attentive throughout the day and for a day or two thereafter.

There are a number of Mercury aspects which are locked into the chart for the Full Moon, fully engaging the mind and helping us to process the flow of feeling and memory that are released by this Full Moon. A conjunction from Mercury to Pluto could intensify the mental engagement that much more and demand that attention be paid during this time. The trine from Mercury to Jupiter enhances the ability to open up to messages of the spirit, and the square from Mercury to Uranus forces us to adapt to new influences that come in from outside of our normal everyday life.

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