Scorpio full moonImages from La Chambre Magique. The Scorpio Full Moon technically doesn’t occur until 12:01 am on Saturday (May 9) EDT (how appropriate for the Scorpio lunation!!), but the energy will be building all day as the Moon gets closer to its opposition with the Sun.

Full Moons are intense because of this oppositional pull between the Sun and the Moon that forces us to balance the polarity of the opposite signs.  In this particular case we are working with the intensity of Scorpio’s emotional need for drama and depth with the Taurus desire for peace and serenity.  Scorpio tends to strip away at the veneer of social niceties that Taurus creates in its pursuit of stability, and emotions are raw now and intensified.

The Full Moon is at 18 Scorpio includes the challenging square to the alignment of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.  Expect an intensification and possible release of the darker emotions that we hide in the darkness, along with a powerful yearning for an experience of Spirit to cleanse the darkness and bring in new light. A harmonious aspect from both the Sun and Moon to Saturn helps to stabilize our intention and give us the patience and focus to do the work that must be done.

The doorways are open now, and the potential for magic awaits!

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