The Full Moon occurs when the Moon opposes the Sun (they are 180 degrees apart); symbolically the instinctive emotions represented by the Moon are illuminated by the more rational light of the Sun. This is a time when creative energies come to a head, where emotions and brainpower come together. This is particularly true when the Moon is in Gemini as it is today, and the Sun is in Sagittarius (we say this is a Full Moon in Gemini).

Gemini is the sign of mental acuity, and Sagittarius is concerned with matters of philosophy and meaning, With these two influences at work over the next few days there is a great possibility of reaching an understanding regarding the conflicts brought about by the Grand Cross (see articles below) if the parties involved are able to let go of their attachment to power because the Sun conjuncts Pluto for the next few days, also opposing the Moon.

Pluto deals with issues of power, death and transformation. He is one powerful guy! Pluto requires that we delve into the underworld of our subconscious and allow the psychic debris to be released.

This month’s Full Moon will be a great time for communication, for business meetings, for balancing our power bases. Expect its effects to continue for about three days after today.

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