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The Full Moon in Libra today has a decidedly airy quality, making this an excellent time for visualization and the birthing of new ideas. Libra is the sign of relationships, but it is an air sign so it tends to focus more on the idea of relationships than the actual experience of bonding. The Libra Moon is opposed by the Aries Sun, so there is a duality present in this Full Moon between our partnerships (Libra) and the need for us to express our own needs (Aries). In the Full Moon period the Sun illuminates the Moon, offering an opportunity to balance the polarity and achieve greater wisdom.

Adding to the focus in air (the element of communication and ideas) of this lunation is a conjunction of Mercury (planet of communication and ideas) to Uranus (planet of radically new communication and ideas). You are probably beginning to see a theme here! Uranus is said to be the “higher octave” of Mercury, meaning that the processing of information occurs at a higher level and with more potential for transformation. We can be incredibly creative now, with uniquely individual (Uranus) ideas (Mercury). The need for independence is amplified by a square of Mercury to Jupiter which craves freedom to explore and develop one’s own theology. There is a great deal of potential for arguments under this comination and the surety that one’s position is the correct one.

Uranus tends to prefer to operate solo and independently, so our partnerships as illuminated by this Full Moon are more of a conceptual nature. While the focus of the Libra Moon is on achieving balance and harmony in relationships, this is accomplished by breathing fresh air into all of our partnerships and by celebrating the unique gifts of each individual. A square from Venus to Saturn adds a layer of loneliness and isolation as the efforts of Venus to forge connections are rebuffed by cool Saturn. Still, a trine from Chiron to the Full Moon opens the doorway to healing of any difficulties that arise; communication is the key to this Airy period and is facilitated by a trine of Venus to Mercury.

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