Artwork by Daniel Merriam

On January 1 Mars made a sextile to Neptune, harmonizing the aggressive instinct (Mars) with a heightened sensitivity and compassion (Neptune). Our drive for action is tempered over the next couple of days with concern for the feelings of others, and our physical energy is channeled into pursuits that have a higher purpose. Neptune is not content with mundane reality but demands that we pursue a relationship with the divine essence within us. This is a wonderful time for creative endeavors such as art or music.

On January 3 Venus (planet of love and values) leaves the earthy sign of Capricorn where it has brought practicality to our relationships for the more intellectual sign of Aquarius. In Aquarius Venus seeks fair play and honesty in all relationships and may be unconventional. We may suddenly find ourselves interested in people that are very different from us, or new acquaintances may enter our lives and bring the unexpected. This same day (and for the next day or two) Mercury (communication) harmonizes with Uranus (innovation and radical change), bringing new and original ideas and insights, accelerating the thought process and enabling understanding at new levels of awareness. Uranus opens the doorway to other dimensions of consciousness, and the harmonious aspects with Mercury can bring radical change to the way we think about an issue.

These influences set the stage for the Full Moon in Cancer that takes place at 8:59 am EST on the 3rd. The Moon makes a trine to Uranus, accentuating even further the Uranian (unusual) quality to this period. The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun and the Sun’s light illuminates the Moon, giving her power and exposing her inner secrets. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, which is the sign that is focused on family and caregiving. This Full Moon will bring our attention to issues of family; both those that we love and those from whom we are estranged. The healing component of this Full Moon cannot be ignored; Jupiter is still in aspect to Chiron where it is operating to facilitate the healing process, and the Uranian influences will encourage a detachment from emotional grudges that hold us back from making progress in our relationships. The effect of the Full Moon can last up to a week, beginning a few days before and lingering for several days afterwards.

During the Full Moon Mercury is approaching a conjunction to the Sun which will facilitate communication even more. Both the Sun and Mercury are in sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus for the Full Moon and for a day or two after the exact Sun/Mercury conjunction on January 6. This is a beautiful time for communication – for coming up with new ideas to solve old problems, for writing letters or novels, for self-exploration in our journal.

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