Tomorrow’s Full Moon occurs at 9:05 pm EDT and brings with it a flood of positive energy. The Moon is full in Sagittarius, the sign of expansion, adventure and optimism. During the Full Moon the solar light of conscious awareness illuminates the instinctive depths of our lunar experience, and in Sagittarius our own lunar depths are lit up with a bright fire of knowledge and awareness. Sagittarius loves a good party, and the Sagittarius Full Moon is a time of celebration.

Mars adds a burst of energy: finding its fullest expression in Aries, the sign which it rules, it trines the Sun/Jupiter conjunction and showers us with courage and inspiration. Beth Owl’s Daughter has synchronistically pulled the Knight of Wands card for this week, the perfect metaphor for the Mars/Jupiter combination:

The Knight of Wands is spontaneous, hot-headed, charismatic, quick to laugh or anger, and a creative blaze of activity. He is often charming, and pulsing with sexual energy. But he is also extremely loyal to his, understandably, huge circle of friends. While he can be impulsive and unpredictable, he takes his honor and integrity absolutely to heart, and is a true heroic figure.

Expanding the party is a conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Despite the broader planetary influences which are challenging us (see below), Jupiter and Sagittarius look for the higher path to freedom. Preferring to ignore the darkness, for the next few days we have a clear sightline to the light at the end of the tunnel. This could be a danger, however, because the opposition of the Full Moon (Sun opp Moon) is exactly square to the lunar nodes forming a lunar Grand Cross. The north node and south node of the lunar path are signposts pointing the way, and stressful aspects to the nodes tend to indicate blockages on the path. Staying too long at this Full Moon party could distract us from the greater journey that we travel. Still, there is a tremendous amount of power in a Grand Cross configuration, and balancing the bright expansion of this Jupiterian Full Moon with an awareness of our greater destiny will help us to maximize the potential of the event.

There are two longer-term cycles influencing this Full Moon: Saturn is nearing the culmination of its opposition to Neptune where it is creating tension between the rules we create for ourselves (Saturn) and our desire to escape into a more fantastic life (Neptune), and Jupiter is still within range of a square to Uranus where it is urging us to break free of all boundaries and seek surprising (Uranus) adventures (Jupiter). This square of Uranus also squares the Moon now which is bound to add an element of surprise.

On the day of the Full Moon, Ceres makes an exact trine to retrograde Pluto. As Pluto travels back in time to revisit areas that need to be demolished to make way for new beginnings, the nourishment and deep love that Ceres offers is available to facilitate the process of endings and rebirth. Chiron is exactly sextile Jupiter now and widely sextile the Full Moon, offering an opportunity for healing emotional wounds and opening our hearts to receive an abundance of beauty.

The influence of the lunations (Full and New Moons) is generally thought to extend for three days before and three days after the actual event. Full Moons in general, and this one in particular, offer us an infusion of energy and creative power that can set in motion events that create long lasting changes. The conscious use of this power is what real magic is all about!

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