Moon and Trees by Sherry Wacker

This last week of June has a strong Saturnine focus, with the Full Moon tomorrow in Capricorn coming on the heels of the final phase of the opposition between Saturn and Neptune, and followed July 1 by a conjunction of Venus to Saturn. Saturn brings the noble but somewhat dreary attributes of commitment, responsibility and discipline to the equation, and with the Full Moon in Capricorn (discipline and work) opposing the Sun in Cancer (family and love), duty to family is of utmost importance now.

Because Saturn places restrictions on us and creates blockages that force us to work harder at whatever we’re doing, we may feel now that we are taking a step backwards for every step forwards. This sense is exacerbated by the six planets that are traveling in retrograde motion now! (Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron) Our sense of responsibility and disillusionment leftover from the Saturn/Neptune opposition may tempt us to adopt a defeatist perspective but that would be a mistake. Under the influence of Saturn, slogging determinedly through the obstacles we face will result in certain success as Saturn, more than any other planet, rewards us for our hard work.

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