The Moon will be full in Gemini on the 17th, expanding our minds and filling us with curiosity and a yearning to understand life’s secrets.

Every Full Moon contains a polarity within it, and while polarities are opposites they always have something in common that links them together.  Gemini and Sagittarius are the most similar of the six astrological polarities – both are concerned with knowledge although they each have a different approach.  Gemini is hungry to learn as much as possible about many different things – there tends to be a lack of discrimination and a deep curiosity about a broad spectrum of topics.  Sagittarius is more focused and seeks a more specialized understanding and tends to be less verbal than Gemini.

In this Full Moon, the Moon’s ruler (Mercury) is in the sign of the Sun (Sagittarius) which evokes an echo the lunar polarity and strengthens the focus of the mental realm (ruled by Mercury).  In addition, Uranus changes direction on the 17th, turning direct after about six months in retrograde motion.  Uranus is sometimes called the “higher octave” of Mercury – where Mercury rules the mind and mental function Uranus rules intuition and flashes of insight as well as communication across dimensions.

There is a social aspect to both Gemini and Sagittarius that cannot be ignored – Gemini loves to communicate and share on a verbal level, and Sagittarius is on a quest for experiences that provide expansion and knowledge.  Travel, both short trips (Gemini) and long (Sagittarius) are highlighted under this aspect.

The trine between Jupiter (opportunity) and Saturn (hard work) is still in effect, helping to provide a stable foundation from which we can expand our world.  However, Mars is moving into position to challenge both Uranus and Pluto which adds a physical intensity that requires release in order to be able to utilize this strong energetic aspect.

The Full Moon is a time when the lunar instincts and emotional realms are in ascendancy, but this is a Full Moon that is more mental in nature.  This is a Full Moon which can open the mind to greater understanding and wisdom through expansion and opportunities for social exchange.  There is the potential for conflict with the Mars influence, but Mars also generates action that leads to greater opportunities for change and transformation.

With all of this energy whirling about you may find yourself with an overactive mind, and the intersection between thought and emotion will become blurred.  Meditation to quiet the mind and allow the higher mind to make itself known will be a great boon in maximizing the energy of this Gemini Full Moon.

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