Pluto in Sagittarius generationPluto moves through a sign approximately every 20 years – its orbit is elliptical and there is a huge variation in the length of time Pluto spends in any sign – from 12 to 30 years!  Each sign that Pluto moves through marks a new generation with a new set of issues and priorities (other posts on generations can be found here).

Sometimes called “Generation Z” and described by social scientists as being born between 1995 and 2009 (Pluto was in Sagittarius between 1995 and 2008 making this a very close fit),  this generation is finding it difficult to live in today’s Capricornian world.  Sagittarius bestows an open mind and an eagerness to explore other cultures – it often tends to be fascinated with the media, philosophy and religion.  Sagittarius is optimistic and needs the freedom to adventure and has a dislike of being controlled.  It’s a very social sign and enjoys influencing the opinions of others.

 Under the influence of Pluto in Sagittarius the publishing industry as we knew it was destroyed and the internet took over the dissemination of knowledge. Globalism and international communication transformed the realm of commerce.  The power of positive thinking and personal growth erupted into the mainstream. But Pluto is the planet of obsession and destruction as well as transformation and regeneration, and Pluto in a sign tends to intensify the attributes of that sign to the extreme.

Here are some things the media  has said about “Generation Z” – you’ll easily see how well this fits the Sagittarius archetype:

  • Church attendance for this group is up: 41% compared to Millenials (Pluto in Scorpio) at 18% (Sagittarius rules religion).
  • This generation shares more about themselves in social media than previous generations (I’m sure this is partly due to the proliferation of media apps, but also to the Sagittarian need to interact on a wider scale as opposed to the Pluto in Scorpio generation which is more private).
  • More of them (81%) believe in the importance of a college education – higher learning is ruled by Sagittarius.
  • This freedom-loving group is more interested in entrepreneurship – Sagittarius wants the freedom to pursue their goals and dreams.
  • They are more eager than their parents (often Millenials) to leave home and live independently.
  • They are more open to a diverse cultural environment and interested in participating in the global community (a highlight of expansive Sagittarius).

Source: Wikipedia and articles linked from this page

Because each zodiacal sign reacts to the sign it follows, each generation reacts to the one that precedes it.  The Pluto in Sagittarius generation reacts to the intense pessimism of the Millenial generation (Pluto in Scorpio) which in turn reacted to the mild mannered Generation X (Pluto in Libra) that just wanted everyone to get along.

The correlation between the  Pluto generations and the generational distinctions applied by social scientists is fascinating to me and just one more thing to prove the relevance of astrology in today’s world.

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