I confess, I don’t usually pay much attention to trines. Trines (120 degrees) are comfortable, they flow easily, they create harmonious situations in which things work well. Typically, in my experience, people don’t tend to notice these events. I always compare this to a comfortable temperature in a room. People may say “it’s hot in here!” or “it’s cold!” I have never heard anyone say “the temperature is really comfortable.” Grand Trines are particularly well-known for creating a complacency that can rob us of our energy, although this is less evident in the fire trines.

Nonetheless, the series of Grand Trines in Fire this month is getting a lot of buzz, and the initial phase is actually a Kite formation (click chart to enlarge) incorporating the Saturn/Neptune opposition which gives it a little more punch than it would otherwise have. Expansive Jupiter is nearing an exact trine to Saturn now which adds confidence and optimism to Saturn’s rather relentless restrictions, and this eases the pressure of Saturn on Neptune. The Jupiter/Saturn trine is a major planetary event that will hit no less than five times over the next two years! I’ll write more on this later, but the first exact connection between these two planets is March 16.

Lovely Venus is moving into formation to trine first Jupiter and then Saturn, creating a positive flow of open sharing and responsibility to others. The Kite formation is formed by the sextile of both Venus and Jupiter to Neptune which then opposes Saturn. Saturn in this case is the apex planet and the stabilizing force, adding the element of discipline and responsibility to the tremendous creativity that results from the combination of Jupiter’s expansiveness, Venus’s love of beauty and harmony, and Neptune’s desire for spiritual communion.

Because Venus moves quickly, the effects of this Kite will only last for a few days or so, perhaps a week. But for those of us who have been having difficulty stabilizing ourselves due to the Saturn/Neptune opposition and its associated confusion, this could be a lovely time for creative solutions.

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