Here is an interesting article on the numerological component of October 10, 2010 and tens in particular:

10 is the number on which we tend to judge perfection. “10 out of 10!” “A perfect 10!” “On a scale of 1 to 10.” But 10 is not the number of perfection. It depicts ‘the very best we can do at the time’ which is something we can ALL aspire to. 10 provides a new level of determination that helps us create an opening in the ‘rut’ so that a real and meaningful change of direction can be taken.

10 is the basis of the decimal system on which most currencies and many other essential aspects of our lives are based.

The war in Afghanistan entered it’s 10th year in the 10th month of 2010.

And, of course, welcome to the decade of the TENS! A decade is an increment of 10 years in our linear time, in which specific themes define the nature of the 10 year cycle. Yes, we have been in the 2010s since the beginning of the year, but now in October, the 10th month, the number 10 is actually being recognized en masse, and can help us recognize what our individual next steps need to be.

10’s influence will continue until the end of 2019. This is good news because, although the world will not stabilize any time soon, and is likely to become even more volatile, this decade gives us a little more time to learn what we need to learn – about the very first and most basic number — #1. The number of THE SELF, which now has the opportunity to evolve to new levels in terms of increased awareness and innovation. New ideas – BIG new ideas are needed.

But what I like even more about this article is this bit, which speaks to the passage of Pluto (destruction and rebuilding) in Capricorn, the sign that establishes the structures that give our world meaning:

The old system of the 1900s is falling apart. What are we going to create in its place? It cannot be more of the same. And yet, if we do not want to start from the very beginning again, from the rubble, we must be careful to preserve all that is good in our world. We did not come into this grand potential called life to be enslaved to a filthy, toxic, unfair, unbalanced, unfeeling industrial system which wants to control our every waking and sleeping moment. The industrial system has no sense of responsibility other than making profit and aspiring to the title of being #1. And because it cannot feel, it has no awareness of the fact that it is falling apart.

In fact, industry is deeply engaged in a war with itself. There are currency wars, product wars, the war to win hearts and minds, the wars that are fought in the name of religion and even human rights, but are actually being fought to secure valuable resources or strategic positions throughout the world. There is always a war on this, and a war on that. This is the stage that competition has reached. Unremitting war. The industrial age is destroying itself, which is the only way a system based on destruction can end.

We are all experiencing the uncomfortable sensation of being squeezed and manipulated by the alliance of industry, government, military, media and religion. The people who have risen to the top of the industrial system have a life all their own up there, controlling the everyday workings, controlling US! It doesn’t matter to them what we think or how we feel. All that matters, is the game they’re playing. Winning is everything, and we are simply the pawns in their obsession with competition. As we grow more aware of our own potential as individuals, and of the outright incompetence and lack of evolvement in those at the top, how can we continue to ignore the fact that these people are destroying our planet and with it, our potential? …

The numbers 10 10 10 are being used to promote urgent environmental matters. Thousands of events around the world have been scheduled for October 10, by Greenpeace,, Creative Visions Foundation, The Green Party, as well as smaller organizations, groups and individuals. The condition of our planet is a reflection of the condition of the emotions that are trapped inside us. The healing must occur at ALL levels. As within, so without. I mean, look at us looking at nature as if it is something separate from ourselves….

To sense is to feel, and if there is to be any sense to how we create the future, we have got to rethink and re-feel everything we thought we knew. What a daunting task that appears to be. But it need not be. It could also be an adventure into creativity, an exercise in cooperation and acceptance, the healing of our emotions, minds, bodies, and outer environment, and the rescuing of LIFE that is trapped.

Something to think about: today and every day. read more here…

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