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The Sun enters the water sign of Cancer (the crab) this morning, harkening the first day of summer. If you watch the way crabs move on the beach, you’ll notice that they are cautious and sidle up to that which interests them, they never approach anything head on. They have a soft shell (the sensitive inner nature of the Cancerian individual) which in later life can turn hard as a protective device, just like the soft shell of the crab that later in the season becomes hard and impermeable. Unlike the more vulnerable Pisces, you will rarely see the vulnerability in your Cancer friend but be assured that it is there. That hard crusty shell hides a soft and sensitive individual who is very easily hurt.

Ruled by the Moon and its changing phases, those born under the sign of Cancer or with Cancer rising in their charts may have a tendency to be a bit moody or cranky (which may be how the term “crabby” came to be!). Cancers are nurturing, and being a cardinal (or active) sign, their nurturing comes through action. Your Cancer friend will be the first one to bring you soup when you are sick, or to find just the right gift on your birthday. They tend to be family oriented and fascinated by geneaology and history, particularly the history of their “tribe”. Cancer is the sign of the mother archetype, the womb and emotional security. Cancer individuals seek emotional stability and safety above all things. Like a mother Lion, Cancers are fiercely protective of those they love and exhibit a strong empathy to those they care about.

Because their extreme sensitivity is hidden, a Cancerian individual may react to a real or imagined slight by turning a cold shoulder to the offender, who may never know why the sudden change occurred. This can result in misunderstandings and long-standing enmities that may be confusing to others. Cancers need an environment in which they feel safe so that they can come to terms with their vulnerability and develop healthy boundaries rather than the hard shell of loneliness. Cancers have a tendency to look backwards, like the crab (hence their love of history), and they may therefore miss the opportunities that are available to them in the present moment.

Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the mother archetype, the mother/child relationship will play a major role in their development. Cancers are born with an especially deep hunger for the nurturing of the Mother, but this hunger is within them and therefore cannot be satisfied by ordinary human relationships. The drive of Cancer to nurture others carries with it both a need for reciprocal caring and a fear that the nurturing they need will not occur. The Cancer individual will find their guardian angels smiling when they allow themselves to be vulnerable with those they love so that the cycle of caring can be completed.

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