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(Honoring the Sun’s entry into Gemini late Saturday night.) Gemini is the sign of the twins, and ruled by Mercury which entered Gemini yesterday. This gives us a strong Mercurial focus for the next month or so, dealing with issues of communication and information.

Those born under the sign of Gemini or with Gemini rising in their birthchart tend to be somewhat Mercurial in nature – they crave change and seek out a wide variety of activities. Though others may call them dilettantes because they may not stick to one thing for very long, Geminis know that their pathway to transformation is through their life experiences. They are curious and changeable, with a facility for languages and mimicry. Actors often possess the Gemini skill of being able to copy exactly the language and demeanor of another – to shapeshift from one character into another.

Mercury/Hermes in mythology was not only the messenger god, he was also celebrated for his cunning and quick mind. A thief from an early age, he was able to charm the gods into forgiveness (the character Frank Abagnale Jr. as played by Leonardo diCaprio in the film “Catch Me If You Can” was probably a Gemini). Mercury/Hermes was also known as the god of the crossroads and the giver of charm.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and in this archetype we see the two sides of Gemini: one dark and one light. Astronomically, one of the twin stars of Gemini is often inside the Milky Way while the other lies outside it. There are two faces to Gemini and they are rarely seen at the same time. As a result, there is a part of the Gemini individual that may become lost. The Gemini nature is light and airy and doesn’t enjoy traveling in the dark; consequently, they may tend to avoid situations that are necessary in order to reclaim the dark aspect of oneself. In relationships they may become frustrated as they attempt to find in others what they are missing within themselves.

Those with planets in Gemini tend to be extremely intelligent, with quick minds. They are fast learners and easily bored, and may have difficulty concentrating on one thing for very long. They have an open mind and are not judgemental of others. They are best suited to careers and relationships in which they are continually stimulated and learning something new. They may experience nervous disorders from time to time, an energy imbalance resulting from the inability to connect to the inner Self.

The quest for Gemini is to unite with the inner twin – to truly understand that while their outer experiences are crucial for their personal growth, it is the bridge between their outer and inner worlds that will offer the true pathway to greater understanding and peace.

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