Google Chrome

Google Chrome

I downloaded the Chrome browser from Google yesterday, and I have to say I love it!!  It’s fast, intuitive, it knows all of the sites I like and finds them quickly.  Chrome was released on September 2, with the Sun conjunct Saturn (restriction and hard work) in Virgo within one degree.  Fortunately, Jupiter (success and abundance) made a trine to the Sun and Saturn that day, lending its optimism and positive outlook to the discipline of Saturn making this a very fortunate time to release the new browser.  Moreover, Jupiter made an exact trine to the Sun in the Google chart (9/7/1998, Menlo Park, California) with Saturn and the Sun in close conjunction.

The chart for the Chrome browser includes the triple conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Mars all in Libra.  Chrome is an open-source venture, and the Google folks say they want to “collaborate with the entire community to help drive the web forward.”   With all of the personal planets in Libra, the sign of partnership, this is likely to be a resounding success.  The only challenge is here is that Jupiter in the Chrome chart makes a square to Mars, signifying a tendency to be overconfident and perhaps impractical.

Except for the Jupiter square the astrology for the Chrome browser looks very good!!  And the chart for Chrome ties in nicely with the Google chart, including a beautiful trine from Mars in the Google chart to Uranus in the Chrome chart which suggests that the motivations of Google (Mars) will serve to successfully implement Google’s goal to facilitate completely unique ways (Uranus) of exploring the Web.

Right now Chrome is only available for Windows XP and Vista, but you can get it here.

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