Art by Thomas Hamann

The Sun entered Libra yesterday (see yesterday’s article for the connection between Libra and the Autumn Equinox). The sign of the Scales, Libra is the sign that seeks balance, harmony, truth and beauty above all else. Libra is a sign representing the air element, and therefore operates in the realm of ideas. For Libra, everything is balanced against its opposite. Libra can usually see both sides of an argument, making the Libra person well suited for a career in the legal field where the truth is multi-dimensional. Although Libra is often accused of intellectual relativism, this multi-dimensional approach to Truth makes for a good diplomat or negotiator. However, Libra is famously known for difficulty in making decisions since all options are seen as having advantages and disadvantages.

Venus rules Libra, and generally bestows an attractive look to individuals with a strong Libra or Venus influence; a mechanism for ensuring that these Venusians participate in relationships which are Libra’s testing ground. Libra is known for their charm which can be used to manipulate as well as to soothe: “the iron fist in the velvet glove.” From the Libran point of view, the manipulation of the outside world in order to achieve balance and harmony is not hypocritical but instead is just the right way to be. The pursuit of a life of beauty and serenity is paramount for Libra, and like the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) the ends justify the means.

The principle of balance often gives Libra a blurring of the gender identity. Libran women take up traditionally masculine interests, and Libran men may display an artistic sensitivity. Libra is acutely aware of the principal of balance, and is sensitive to situations where emotions are out of balance. The Libra person will typically find it within himself to create the balance where balance does not exist. This can be destabilizing and create a situation where the Libran can lose his own sense of self in an effort to balance the world around him. Libra dislikes conflict and tends to be sensitive to any discord around him; consequently, he often stifles his own needs in order to maintain a pleasant environment. Libra craves beauty and can wither away when stuck in a situation where a sense of beauty cannot be found.

The danger for Libra is becoming lost in the inner drive to create balance wherever dissonance is found. The Libran longing for relationship can become a need for a mirror to reflect the self back to them rather than become anchored in their own self. There is a great deal of strength within the Libra personality, but the ability to please others can become a compulsion rather than a trait. One of the most challenging evolutionary lessons is understanding the personal identify relative to our identity in relationship with others, and this is the lesson of Libra.

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