Like human beings, nations and entities also have astrological charts and a look at the planetary cycles affecting nations can tell us a great deal about what is in store.  Personal request from me: Political posts can generate nastiness.  Please keep all comments productive and astrological. 


Geeky astrological detail:  I use the Sibley chart for the US and here’s why.)  One of the most critical astrological events coming up for the United States is the return of Pluto to its placement in the natal chart for the country, something we call the “Pluto Return.”  Pluto returns are very rare since they happen only every 248 years and very few governments last through their Pluto returns, although there are exceptions such as the Roman Empire.   Pluto cycles of all kinds tend to be associated with destruction and regeneration, and I don’t think there is any doubt that we are seeing the unraveling of the American structures of government.  This unraveling began during the economic collapse when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, followed by the turmoil of the challenging Uranus/Pluto square between 2010 and 2017 and has affected the global system as a whole, but this Pluto return will be America’s alone.

One interesting fact about Pluto in the US chart is that 1957 was a pivotal point for America’s Pluto (geeky astrological detail: Pluto is retrograde in the US chart and progressed Pluto re-aligned with natal Pluto in 1957).  1957 marked the enactment of the Civil Rights Act which began the transformation (Pluto) of the integration of African Americans into mainstream American society.  (This was also the year that the Soviet Union launched their Sputnik, beginning the space race, and the beginning of the Cold War.)

Pluto is in the second house of money in the US chart, and America’s obsession with money and economics over all else is well documented.  We can trace the importation of African slaves into the country directly to this obsession with money and possessions, since slaves were quite literally economic possessions.  Pluto in any chart shows where the potential for destruction lies – whether in a nation or in the psyche of an individual – and in the US that potential lies in the house of wealth and possessions.  With transiting Pluto in America’s house of money now and preparing to return to Pluto’s position in the US chart, we are already seeing that the area of wealth and finance, as well as the legacy of slavery, will be the arena in which the US continues its downward descent.

Progressed Moon changing signs

The Moon in the US progressed chart (the chart that evolves through time and is used as a forecasting tool to predict mood and personal preferences) has been in the sign of Sagittarius since February 2016.  Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, religion, philosophy, and optimism and this influence was at work when Donald Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate.  Donald Trump is bigger than life – he speaks in superlatives and seems to have unbounded confidence.  He is the perfect representative for the Sagittarius progressed Moon.

On July 27, 2018 the progressed Moon will move into dour and practical Capricorn.  The mood of the country will shift from optimism and enthusiasm to requiring realistic expectations.  I believe that we will begin to see a move away from the adherence to philosophies that are not grounded in reality to a more limited viewpoint.  This could create economic problems for financial markets which are, face it, governed by the flow of optiomism and pessimism.

Solar Return chart

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The Solar Return chart is cast for the moment the Sun returns each year to its place in the natal chart.  This year, the Solar Return Sun falls in the first house of identity.  The main question for the US this year is: How does the country want to present itself to the world at large?  The sign of Cancer is on the ascendant, and suggests that the question of who belongs (Cancer) and who is in our tribe – what is our national identity and who peoples it – is going to be critical.

This will not be easy, with the Aries Moon seeking self-expression aligning with the wounding and healing of Chiron.  The national problems must be faced and dealt with before healing can happen.

Neptune, planet of mists and secrets, conjoins the Midheaven of national reputation.  This is not an ideal placement for obvious reasons, but the fact that Neptune is part of a Grand Trine involving Jupiter AND the Solar Return Sun will help to provide some ease and flow in the healing of these wounds.

Pluto is in the seventh house of the Solar Return chart, with Saturn in its doorway.  The seventh house governs partnerships and open enemies, and I don’t think we have to wonder for too long what this can mean.  Partnerships are fragile things, and when Pluto and Saturn live in the house of partnership (for the next year) they will have to be quite strong to survive.

Looking ahead

The New Moon (the alignment of the Sun and Moon) in the progressed chart is a time of new awakening.  It brings a rebirth of some kind, and a sense of a new beginning.  The US will have a Progressed New Moon in 2024, around the time that the Pluto Return is completing its cycle.  This suggests to me that the continued national stress between 2020 and 2024, while this could cause a major critical breakdown, will result in some kind of breakthrough and new beginning in 2024.



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