Virgo is one of the least respected signs of the zodiac. Virgo gets blamed for being perfectionistic, critical and cautious yet rarely receives accolades for its exceptional attributes: service to others, , attention to health and self-improvement, and practical application of the mind. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, but not the celibate definition of virgin that we use today. Rather, the virgin in ancient times was an unmarried woman, and individuals with Virgo prominent in their chart tend to be self-directed and concerned primarily with the development of their spirit and perfection of the body.

Virgo, being an earth sign, is grounded in earthly matters. Like the sixth house with which it is associated, Virgo deals with the rituals of everyday physical reality. In its effort to keep life organized into manageable segments, Virgo can be cautious and easily worried if things seem to be going out of control and this can cause emotional difficulties that sometimes result in physical ailments. Virgo is naturally attuned to the delicate balance of the body/mind connection and often is very careful about the foods used to fuel the physical engine. There is often an affinity for creative work of a practical nature (such as pottery or sculpture) as they are good with their hands, as well as skills repairing virtually anything (taking things apart and seeing how they work is a classic Virgo trait).

Virgo can be frugal to the point of stingy, part of the caution with which they approach most aspects of their life. They need to be prepared for every eventuality which often requires hoarding of financial assets as well as the odd bits of string and other remnants of their past. But where Virgo may be less than generous with their money they are magnanimous with their time, ready to jump in and help with whatever is needed with no desire for fame or recognition. In fact, Virgo’s legendary shyness keeps him from claiming the respect that may be due him. This shyness and deep inner need to become a completely integrated being within himself can sometimes lead to loneliness; although Virgo can live alone quite comfortably they too need the stimulation of human companionship.

Virgo has been associated with the alchemical process of turning lead into gold. By classifying and categorizing the world around him and integrating the whole within himself he is able to further perfect the imperfect Self in which he finds himself. Virgo can always see where things can be improved, and this can sometimes seem more like negativity than a positive process. Sometimes Virgo will become stuck in the process of discrimination and classification, improving and perfecting, and will lose a sense of the whole picture.

In relationships, Virgos are loyal and excellent listeners – they are wonderful friends who are always reliable and there when you need them. In romance they can be a bit cautious and fearful, but the openness required to build a lasting relationship will be a great boon to them in the end, encouraging them to have trust in the adventure of life.

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