Before I complete the post on Carl Jung’s Red Book, which I promise I will post either tonight or tomorrow morning, I want to wish everyone a happy Autumn Equinox.

The equinoxes take place when the days and nights are of equal lengths.  This marks the end of summer, when the days are longer, and the beginning of autumn which takes us into the darker season.  The astrological charts for the turning of the seasons, which are marked by the entry (ingress) of the Sun into 0 degrees of the cardinal signs in the tropical zodiac, often serve as a predictor for the season to come.

The chart for this year’s Autumn Equinox and Libra Ingress chart reveals an exact square between the 0 degree Libra Sun and Pluto at 0 degrees.  This is a fairly intense aspect for an equinox chart, and suggests a high level of continuing change and transformation as structures (Capricorn) that no longer work are destroyed in order to clear the decks for something more real to occur.

We also have the Scorpio Moon forming a square (challenging aspect) to the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in the chart.  This will be a season of feeling things deeply, and not letting go of the matters that are deeply important to us.  With the Scorpio Moon and the Pluto square, we will be spending some time in the Underworld where life is not the way it may at first appear.  When we travel in the Underworld we must let go of our ideas and expectations as we forge a new direction.

On the positive side, though, we have an exact trine from Venus in practical Virgo to Pluto, showing that our alliances and relationships to others (Venus) will be a tremendous help to us in this process and that we will be forging new connections with people to reflect our new understanding that underpins our very sense of reality.

An exact conjunction of Saturn to retrograde Mercury (in Virgo) shows a down-to-earth and practical approach that will help us to assimilate all of the data that the Pluto transformation provides, and order it into a plan and philosophy that will help us to make sense of it all.  And a trine to the North Node is a grace card that suggests the ability to move forward with strength and discipline in the direction of our goals and dreams.

Finally, a trine from Uranus, lover of change and liberation to the Moon encourages us to free ourselves from the past.  That Scorpio Moon has difficulty letting go and can get stuck in an effort to completely and totally eradicate the unwanted.  But Uranus opens up the windows and brings in fresh air and light, pointing the way to a new way of feeling about life.

This kind of combination of challenging and harmonious aspects is ideal for successful transformation.  It ought to be a very interesting ride!

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