I still have trouble with the concept of celebrating a holiday that honors what is basically the beginning of the annihilation of Native Americans, but still I am thankful for the many gifts that life has to offer, and even more for the ability to be grateful for what I have instead of envious of what I have not.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury today, facilitating communication despite the famous difficulties of Mercury Retrograde. The Sun will illuminate matters of thought and information, and sure enough a South Korean cloning expert admitted and apologized to “shameful ethical lapses,” the Chinese government admitted to a Benzene spill that caused the poisoning of drinking water for millions of people, Jessica Simpson and Nick boy singer finally admitted their long-rumored separation, and it was discovered that yes, Iran actually is working on nuclear warheads.

The Sun moves quickly and this influence will have passed by tomorrow afternoon. This is a favorable aspects for all kinds of negotiations since hidden agendas come to the forefront, so if you’re involved in this sort of matter it will help to facilitate your situation.

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