How appropriate that Harvey Weinstein, arguably the most powerful mogul in Hollywood today and perhaps in Hollywood history, was terminated from his leadership position at the Weinstein Company just as Jupiter (leadership) goes into Scorpio (sex and power).

Weinstein is notorious among Hollywood circles for his boorish behavior and sexual harassment allegations that span over decades.  Over the past few days actresses who declined his advances have come forward to tell their Weinstein stories, and presumably there are many more who did not fight in order to save their careers.

The astrology chart of Harvey Weinstein (born March 19, 1952 in Queens NY, time unknown) shows his Sun at 29 degrees Pisces – the very last degree of sensitive and Pisces, bleeding into assertive and dominant Aries.  The 29th degree is sometimes called the “anaretic” degree and is considered a critical placement that shows a significant lesson to be learned. In medieval astrology the “anareta” was a planet of destruction and considered to be dangerous.  While modern astrology doesn’t take these significators literally, the 29th degree indicates a completion of some kind of karma and needs to be taken seriously.

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The transition from Pisces to Aries involves the lesson of incorporating the assertive leadership of Aries into the compassion and sensitivity of Pisces, but in some cases one sign will react against the other which is what we see in Weinstein’s behavior. The Sun makes no aspects to any other planets (a “singleton”) suggesting an individual who stands alone and finds it difficult to combine one’s energies with others.  (Brad Pitt is another famous Singleton Sun individual.)

Weinstein has Mars (sexuality and drive) in its own sign of Scorpio which can denote a highly sexualized individual.  Depending on other chart factors this can also manifest as a powerfully charismatic individual.  Scorpio dwells in the realm of power as well as sex, and Mars in Scorpio seeks both.

To complicate matters further, that Scorpio Mars is in a challenging aspect to Pluto which generally denotes a complex relationship to both power and sexuality.  I have many clients with this chart aspect, many of whom have suffered sexual abuse or some kind of violence.  I typically do not have the kind of clients who would be abusers, but this aspect of a power imbalance can represent both ends of the spectrum as well as anywhere in between.

Weinstein also suffers from a soul wound – a conjunction of the Moon (emotions, the mother and nurturing) to Chiron, planet of wounding and healing. The wound is exacerbated by challenging aspects from both Saturn (tests and challenges) and Uranus (abandonment and radical change) to the Moon.  Typically this would suggest a difficult relationship with women generally and the mother in particular.  Miriam Weinstein was an active part of the Weinstein companies since their inception, and we know very little about Harvey Weinstein’s actual relationship with his mother that would add any detail but it was certainly very complicated astrologically.  We are just beginning to see how complex Weinstein’s relationships with women are.

Weinstein’s anger is legendary in Hollywood (see this article from 2002 and this one from 2001 for a detailed history of Weinstein’s company and some of his more egregious outbursts) and Weinstein admits to seeking help from psychological experts in controlling his anger.  The kind of rage Weinstein exhibits can result from the Mars/Pluto combination, but when you add in the deep wound of the Moon/Chiron/Saturn/Uranus system, it gets amplified and complicated.

The progressed chart is a method used by astrologers to forecast significant times in a person’s life, and right now Weinstein’s core wound is being triggered (progressed Chiron has retrograded back to align with natal Chiron).  Additionally, there is a Gemini New Moon in the progressed chart, suggesting the potential for a new beginning which is a beneficial thing during a time of personal destruction such as this one.

The fact of the casting couch in Hollywood is nothing new, nor is the sexual harassment of women to trade sexual favors for career advancement.  But the power exerted by Harvey Weinstein reached a new degree:

Weinstein is often compared to the moguls of old—the doughty Jew among Wasp elites—but the analogies don’t do justice to his broader cultural horsepower. Neither indie hustler nor studio boss, Weinstein is a different beast altogether, a New York City behemoth with avid fingers in all corners of the pie. He and his brother run a company that released more movies than any other in the U.S. in the year 2000 and had the eighth-largest box-office receipts. To say that the barbarian is at the gate is to miss the fact that he’s already behind the velvet rope and iterating access. New York Magazine 2001

Unfortunately, Weinstein’s apparent genius enabled him to feed the monster of ego and rage to the point where he was not constrained by the rules that mere mortals live by.



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