Researchers in Ireland
have discovered that more than 20% of children ages 11-13 reported hearing voices.  The study showed that these “auditory hallucinations” stop as they get older and only 7% of older adolescents (aged 13-16) continue to hear voices. It does not appear that the study looked at younger children, who often retain the ability to remember past lives and “see” through the dimensional wall to their “imaginary” friends.

The study also reports that nearly 80% of the teenagers who did continue to hear voices also had a psychiatric disorder, although I couldn’t find details about this in any of the news reports.

The planet Uranus is associated with radical experiences of all kinds, but it also has a connection to multidimensional experiences.  Uranus rules electricity and electromagnetic energy, and our human energy grid is electromagnetic in nature.  I personally believe that human consciousness began to change in the late 1700s when Uranus was discovered, and that every major cycle involving the planet Uranus opens more energetic doorways of human awareness.  This was especially true during the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in the early 1990s, and there is no doubt that children born since this time have been more sensitive and unique than any other generation before them.

I wrote about the “hearing voices” phenomenon back in 2010, quoting a New York Times article reporting that since the early 1990s (when Uranus conjoined Neptune) a growing number of researchers have been examining the phenomenon of voices in our heads.  That conjunction of Uranus and Neptune linked the electromagnetic expansion of Uranus with the transcendent experiences of Neptune, resulting in lots of self-delusion but also the growth of personal spirituality (as opposed to religion and dogma).  The Uranus/Neptune idea that we can communicate with spirit guides and guardian angels accelerated during this period, and this whole concept is grounded in the fact that we do in fact hear those voices in our heads.

Astrologers are not like psychic readers in that we read the birthchart rather than pull information from the ethers, but about 10 years into my astrological career I began to hear voices in my head when I was doing a reading.  I tried to ignore those voices, but when I began telling the clients what I was hearing I started getting powerful feedback.  Often I didn’t even understand what I was given, but the client always did.  I’m embarrassed to say that nearly 20 years later I still don’t trust those voices 100% despite the fact that they are always accurate.

Listening to voices across dimensions isn’t always a benign experience.  Many mass murderers have also heard voices whose messages were not so positive.  But I personally feel that branding these experiences as psychotic breakdowns without further investigation does a profound disservice to the affected children for whom it is possible that real magic and awakening is occurring.

According to Wikipedia, The Hearing Voices Movement began in 1987 with the work of Marius Romme and Sandra Escher.  1987 was the year of the Harmonic Convergence during which eight planets were aligned in a Grand Trine and Grand Sextile.

Because we live in a physical world, the inability to separate any kind of transcendent experience from a material experience is, if not a disorder, problematic.  We have to be able to attend to our jobs without being taken down a path by the faeries, and we can’t become so ungrounded that we can no longer attend to our daily needs.  This is the basic premise of the Virgo/Pisces polarity: the balance between the details of our material world (Virgo) and the transcendence of spiritual experience (Pisces).

Still, any discussion of mental illness necessitates the examination of the possibility that there is an element of consciousness present, instead of looking solely as an aberration as being some kind of disorder.

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