Leo Full Moon

Tonight’s Full Moon offers a dramatic expression of the open heart, and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day.  This Full Moon is in Leo, the sign that is ruled by the Sun.  In medical astrology the Sun rules the physical heart, but there is also a generosity of spirit to Leo – a warmhearted openness to life and all of its complexities.  This generosity of Leo opens up the heart at this Full Moon and encourages a dramatic display of personal expression that is fueled by fire and the passion driven by a love of life itself.

All Full Moons contain a polarity between two opposing signs since the Sun in one sign is opposite the Moon in another. The solar conscious principle of the transpersonal sign Aquarius here opposes the lunar instincts of Leo – the inner child who longs to be recognized, admired and appreciated.

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and it represents contraction, hard work and isolation.  In this lunation (lunar event) it forms a challenging square aspect to both the Sun and the Moon – a double whammy of taciturn Saturn coldness.  This could bring sadness to those that are alone on Valentine’s Day – a day when it is easy to think that the entire world is in love and happier than we ourselves are.  Saturn brings a sensibility to the hype and fantasy surrounding this holiday which can bring feelings of deprivation no matter what our situation.   Saturn insists that we become anchored within ourselves to find balance between our needs for personal expression (Leo) and the distancing from the personal into the community of mankind (Aquarius) – between giving and receiving, between connection and solitude .

This Valentine’s Day Leo Full Moon encourages us to open the heart, no matter what our circumstance.  Some of us are in relationships, some are not.  Some are married, some have lost loved partners.  But what we all have in common is that unless our heart is open, we cannot experience love.   Love comes from within, and not from outside.  You can be in the happiest marriage and if your heart is closed you will still be unhappy.

The Sun aligns with retrograde Mercury (mind and communication) which literally shines a light on the need to communicate with our loved ones.  Because Mercury is retrograde there may be issues from the past that require resolution at the heightened emotional peak that the Full Moon typically brings.  With Mercury in opposition to the Moon, the mind and the heart are also in opposition.  We know one thing to be true in our mind, but we feel something else in the heart – at this Full Moon we discover that the Truth lies somewhere in between.

Fortunately a trine from Mars in Libra to both the Sun and Moon as well as Mercury, energizing us and fueling the desire (Mars) for harmony in our connections.  This sparkly Mars energy inspires and motivates us with courage to let go of our fears and open our hearts to whatever the magic of life may bring.  Whether you are with a loved one today or on your own, the heart can open to love in a new and special way – this is the blessing of today’s Leo Full Moon.

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