Heidi Montag astrologyHeidi Montag is a reality TV star who is best known for having had eleven plastic surgeries in one day at the age of 23.  She is a self-confessed plastic surgery addict.

Back in January I wrote about Heidi in the context of Saturn (challenges) in Libra (beauty).  Heidi was a beautiful young girl who had her first cosmetic surgeries at the age of 21 including her first breast augmentation.  But that initial augmentation wasn’t enough, and last January she went for the “legal limit” of breast augmentation (who knew there was such a thing?).  At the time she said she would have liked to have even bigger breasts, but just one week after the death of her plastic surgeon in a car crash, Heidi is reporting that she is “desperate to go back to normal.”

Heidi (born September 15, 1986, time unknown, Crested Butte, Colorado) has the Sun in Virgo which as we all know can be somewhat perfectionistic.  But that doesn’t tell the whole story of Heidi’s desperate ploy for attention and breasts. Heidi’s chart shows a tight conjunction of Venus and Pluto, both in Scorpio which is an astrological “double whammy” connecting the archetype of beauty and attraction (Venus) to the underworld of death and destruction (Pluto).  This is a very difficult psychological placement that engenders a fear of rejection and can indicate someone who, especially when young, feels very badly about themselves and their attractiveness.  The degree of plastic surgery that Heidi has had amounts to self-mutilation, which is a common Venus/Pluto problem.

Beauty is a funny thing.  You can be a very attractive person to others but feel horrifically ugly to yourself.  Or you can be a rather plain person who feels great about yourself, and the light of attraction shines from within.  Physical beauty is just geometry and proportion, but true beauty is the light of the soul.

Heidi’s chart also shows a  Grand Cross in mutable signs. The mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius) lack a purpose and direction – they are adaptable and flexible, but in the tension of the Grand Cross the individual can have trouble finding a path and sticking to it.

The Grand Cross includes potentially painful square from Chiron (the wounded healer) to her Sun, suggesting a wound (Chiron) to her sense of self (Sun).  Jupiter, planet of expansion and optimism, is also in a challenging square to Chiron, and opposite her Sun, a double aspect that creates a need to be larger than life (Jupiter/Sun) yet damaged by the wounds of life (Chiron).  Uranus, planet of radical behavior, is also involved in the Grand Cross which suggests sudden changes of direction and disruption.

This is a challenging array of planetary aspects that force an individual to work through deep emotional issues on the road to spiritual wholeness.  It is not a planetary system that can be cured by better breasts but requires psychological and spiritual work, and the development of a stronger sense of Self and a commitment to refrain from destructive relationships and life decisions.

Heidi Montag’s difficult astrological chart is one that needs to be met with conscious attention and a desire to transmute painful emotions into personal growth and evolution.  Someone with a challenging chart like this is not doomed to misery – there is tremendous power and potential for transformation embedded in these complex planetary systems.  But it does require a great deal of personal work and awareness of the psychological and evolutionary dynamics that are at the root of the web of emotions and distress.

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