Evidently the fashion industry has declared that hemlines will go lower this year, causing many to speculate about the anecdotal link between hemline length and the stock market. For the past few fashion seasons hemlines have been high and the stock market has continued to climb. This fall’s fashions reveal a lower hemline, and down go stocks. Hemlines were high in the Roaring Twenties, and the stock market soared. After the crash in 1929 hemlines also dropped. In the 1960s hemlines were up, ditto the market- the 1970s saw a return to “granny dresses” and lowered skirt lengths and the economy languished, hit by inflation and lowered stock prices.

These are very large trends and would likely not stand up to close scrutiny, but it wouldn’t surprise astrologers to see a correlation between a more conservative view of the financial markets that cause the stock market to drop with a conservative style of dressing, and what better planet to bring about this shift than our old friend Saturn having just entered conservative Virgo.

A new argument asks: Do hemlines follow the stock market or is it the market following hemlines? I would argue that the social moods follow the planets, and fashion and the economy shift as a result!!

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