Venus conjunct UranusEvery page is a new beginning.

Venus conjoins Uranus today, and since both are in Aries it’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight, if you heed the siren song of Venus, the planet of love and connection, hooking up with the iconoclast and rebellious Uranus.  And with both in Aries, the potential for fireworks is high!

Jeff and Michelle are having a fascinating discussion over at the Sasstrology site.  Uranus can bring sudden changes of fortune, and with Venus approaching Uranus this could mean sudden changes in our interpersonal relationships. Let’s listen in:

Michelle: They’re paired up in the sign of Aries, which is all about a new beginning. But Uranus can sometimes be about separation. So when we get Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries, it really begs the question, is it the beginning or the end? The answer to that isn’t immediately apparent, because Venus has just come out of Pisces, which is affiliated with endings, and then we’ve got the contrast with Aries (new beginnings), and then we have this unpredictable element provided by Uranus, which is associated with surprising plot twists. So this could signify a surprise beginning of a relationship; somebody brand new pops into the scene out of seemingly nowhere, but it could also signify separation. And again, that really depends on the strength and the quality of the relationship that you’re talking about.

Jeffrey: And sometimes a beginning brings on an ending. Venus is, among other things, the planet of love and relationships and romance. You may suddenly meet someone new, which—if you’re already in a relationship—could precipitate an ending. So one thing I would advise—especially because this combination is happening in impulsive Aries—is to look at where you are right now, if you are in a relationship, and think about what you value about it. Because sometimes if someone comes along and you get enticed, if the relationship you’re in isn’t strong enough, then it may crumble under that. But some people just take actions—even though they do value the relationship they’re in—because they just can’t resist what’s come up. Especially with this particular combination in Aries and with Uranus, which is about sudden risks and being impulsive, there is that possibility of just taking some action that you may regret later; like,I’m sure it will be a lot of fun in the moment, but you know, how does it fit in to the larger scheme of things?

Venus goes beyond relationships, inspiring a love of beauty and aesthetic quality in our surroundings.  Now that Venus is in Aries, for the next few weeks we will want to bring changes into our lives to energize us and help us to feel excited again.

This transit will only last a day or two, so by tomorrow the excitement will have faded into the distance.  But Mercury will be turning direct, giving us all something to celebrate!

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