I watched “What’s Your Sign Design” today, and am sorry to report that real astrology did not survive the editing floor. This first episode attempted to reconcile the design style of a Scorpio and a Pisces. The first clue that things were not going well was when the show referred to the Scorpio as “playful” and the Pisces as “grown up.” Astrologer Greg Tufaro brought charts and did readings for both participants that were mostly off-camera, but the show basically referred to the Scorpio and Pisces characteristics. One oddity is that Greg identified the Pisces partner as having Capricorn on the fourth house, which he described as indicating someone who needs items from their family history in the home. This is erroneous – that would be a description of Cancer on the fourth house. The Capricorn sign on the fourth would refer to the “grownup” element that the Pisces was trying to establish in the home.

I guess they were limited in what they could cover in the 30 minute show, but I wish there had been more in-depth discussion of the astrology and a little less of the shopping. Still, it can’t help to have more mainstream coverage.

Update: Astroknavery has more details about the show.

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