Hillary Clinton’s chart shows that she has the planet Saturn making a very tight square to the nodes of the Moon. The lunar nodes are not planets in the chart and don’t carry any energy of the personality; they are like signposts that point us in the direction from our evolutionary past to our future.

Tight aspects from a planet to the nodes of the Moon often indicate a karmic issue that an individual brings with them from a previous lifetime. Saturn, being the planet of order and governance, is an indicator that Clinton came into this existence with a predisposition to fear that she will never achieve her goals. This is exacerbated by the fact that she has four planets in intense and power-driven Scorpio which keep her locked into the past of her Scorpio South Node, and no planets in peace-loving and stable Taurus which is her destiny as shown by the North Node.

It’s interesting that just as transiting Neptune forms a square to Clinton’s lunar nodes, forming a Grand Cross with Saturn, she loses her chief strategist due to deceptive behavior. (Mark Penn was fired from the Clinton campaign for secretly negotiating with the Columbian government as Clinton was herself opposing the agreement for which Penn was offering advice.) The challenging Neptune transits create confusion and cause us to feel that we have lost our way and our direction. We are more prone to deception and our energy is scattered.

Clinton has weathered many difficult transits over the past few years and kept trudging along. But transits to the nodes of the Moon challenge us to evaluate our life’s path and see whether we are in need of a course correction.

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