Reports are mixed as to whether Hillary Clinton will end her campaign after the last two primaries today. On Countdown last night:

Senator Hillary Clinton appears on the verge of suspending her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, and endorsing Senator Barack Obama. That, the widespread reading of the electoral tea leaves today, after a tidal wave of separate reports that add up to the end, in sight, probably by tomorrow night. In our fifth story on the Countdown — the components: She has reportedly personally urged her top backers and financial donors to attend her speech in New York tomorrow night. She reportedly told Senator Obama last night that their staffs should begin to bargain over what to do after Tuesday. Her official schedule, after a morning speech in Washington on Wednesday, is blank…And, perhaps most saliently, her staff has reportedly been urged to turn in all of their expense reports and receipts, before the end of this week. Now the details of what is being perceived as: the final Countdown.

Today would be a beautiful time astrologically for Senator Clinton to end her arguably failed race for the nomination. The New Moon, a time of new beginnings, forms a harmonious aspect (sextile) to the conjunction in her chart of Mars and Pluto in Leo that fuels her dogged determination and refusal to say no.

The New Moon is also very close to a conjunction to Mrs. Clinton’s progressed Moon, stimulating within her a flowering of emotional awareness and an inspiration to recreate herself in some way.

Mrs. Clinton’s natal Saturn is the subject of several powerful aspects right now. Saturn in the chart shows where we build our structures, and where we find ourselves alone creating the business of our lives. Mercury, traveling retrograde at the moment, forms a sextile to Saturn in Clinton’s chart so the Winged Messenger (Mercury) is adding a note of flexibility to her ability to put her plans (Saturn) in motion. In addition, transiting Jupiter (expansion and meaning) and Uranus (innovation and change) form a nearly exact Yod aspect to that Saturn in her chart. The Yod is also called the “Finger of Fate” or “Finger of God,” and a Yod by transit such as this signifies a crucial event in a person’s life. For Mrs. Clinton, Saturn is the “apex planet” in this configuration which tells us that this is a crucial time for her to take responsibility (Saturn) for creating a structure for her life that will serve her and keep her moving forward on her evolutionary journey.

Mrs. Clinton has burned a lot of her bridges in this campaign under the influence of Chiron (wounding and healing) in a challenging aspect to her Scorpio Venus, but this is a turning point for her to be able to set off in a new direction and discover the Chironic healing quality of facing up to one’s inner issues. Her nature is very fixed and stubborn, with four planets in Scorpio in a square to Mars and Pluto in Leo, and it’s not easy for her to gain perspective over her life.

The New Moon provides an opportunity for her to do so, and with that new perspective to begin a new phase in her career that could end up putting her in a position of real power as we can see by the harmonious aspect of the New Moon to that pesky Mars Pluto conjunction (Pluto rules power, change, and endings).

If she fails to take advantage of this opportunity and instead continues down the path of blind and stubborn determination, it will take her a long time to pick up the pieces.

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