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Many astrologers are hard at work trying to predict the outcome of the election.  Over the past year astrologers have come out in favor of both candidates for a variety of reasons.  My personal feeling is that when astrologers attempt to predict the future and fail it gives the noble field of astrology a bad rap, when the fault is not in the astrology but in the fact that the future cannot be accurately predicted.


An accurate astrological reading is dependent upon accurate data.  We can glean a great deal of information just from a birthdate, as I typically do with my profiles on this blog where a time of birth is not available.  But an accurate time of birth sets up the structure of the chart – it shows the rising sign (persona) and the Midheaven (career) and describes the houses in which each planet lives and plots a general plan for our lives.

We have an accurate birth time for Donald Trump because his actual birth certificate was posted online.  But Hillary Clinton has not produced a birth certificate, not surprising given her four planets in Scorpio and her Scorpionic penchant for secrecy and to keep her cards hidden in the game of politics.

Numerous birth times have been provided for Clinton.  The most commonly used time until recently was 8 pm which would put her ascendant in the late degrees of Gemini, almost in Cancer.  A rounded off birth time such as 8 pm is nearly always somewhat incorrect, usually early, and I always felt that a birth time even 10 minutes later with Cancer on the ascendant was a  better fit.  Cancer rising would explain her commitment to family and women’s issues in a way that the rest of her chart doesn’t, and also reflects her moon-shaped face.  But astrology doesn’t always cooperate with our presupposed notions, and any speculative or “rectified” birth time is to be taken with a whole lot of grains of salt.

Recently there was a big upset in the world of professional astrology when respected astrologer Marc Penfield announced that he had a confirmed time of birth for Clinton that he would announce at an astrology conference which he did, claiming a birth time of 2:18 am that came from another astrologer who had gotten the time over the phone by calling the town in which she was born.   You can read all about the ensuing brou-ha-ha here and here.

2023 UPDATE: Hillary had given her birth time as 8:00 pm, and most published birthcharts show her with 29 deg. Gemini on the ascendant. Because of the lack of reliable birth data my pre-2023 analyses did not include the ascendant. In March of 2023 a birth certificate was obtained showing a birth time of 6:45 pm although some are concerned about the lack of clarity of the time on the certificate.) It is probably unlikely that she will be back in the news at this point, but I believe the 6:45 pm time to be reliable for future analysis.

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