Quite a few of you have messaged and emailed me and commented about so much pain in your personal lives.

We are all rendered a bit raw by the pandemic. Suddenly the avenues of escapism are closed to us – the methods we used to use to try to transcend our anxieties and other emotions are no longer available. So we are locked in, not only with our families and housemates, but also with ourselves. Feelings from which we used to be able to hide are now impossible to ignore.

The transit of Mars (aggression) to Chiron (emotional wounding and healing) this week has sparked a fire in which these emotions are burning us up to one extent or another. The only way out of this is to go through it. To feel the emotions. To cry, to rage, to weep and yell. These things are coming up for a reason. It’s like when you’re sick and you feel like you have to vomit but you don’t want to. You feel better when it’s over. The trick is to avoid getting stuck in those feelings and making the story the reality.  Blame will keep us stuck, but the pain that we grow through is there to teach us something.  If we focus on the pain and the negativity, that’s what will take deeper root.  If we ask the question, “how can I release this pain and change my life?” THAT is the doorway to releasing the energies of these old patterns once and for all.

Then we have Jupiter (expansion and ideology) conjunct Pluto (destruction and regeneration), and of course Saturn (tests and challenges)is in the wings.  If these three are hitting something sensitive or important in your personal chart, you are being pressed into a vise from which you may feel there is no escape.  It’s true that when we are dealing with Pluto transits in any form we are often faced with the necessity to surrender.  If you lose your job, that’s not something you can change through your sheer will.  Pluto is rather ruthless in its quest to tear from our lives anything that isn’t serving our ultimate destiny.  Sometimes we are confronted with death, the ultimate reality.  Everything about Pluto is ultimate, and all we can really do is look forwards with new eyes.

We have to learn to trust when dealing with Pluto, and that’s never been more true than in this pandemic situation.  Many will lose their lives, many more will lose their jobs and their homes.   Pluto isn’t always pretty.  This year we have a conjunction of Jupiter (faith and optimism) to Pluto which is testing our faith AND our optimism.  And Saturn is pointing out all of the areas in which we haven’t been diligent in our lives.  Maybe we have no savings and no financial security and are being severely tested right now.  But under this combination we will have to devise a new theology that gives our life meaning – the old way of looking at the world will no longer work.  We have to understand that the old world is crumbling behind us and we have to keep moving forward.

What will your life look like in the new world?  What is important to you that you definitely want to take with you?  How will you improve your health and your life so that you can adapt to the changes?  These are the questions that we all need to be asking ourselves right now.  I don’t know how long the pandemic will last, but I DO know that so far the astrology has been correct where the scientists have not been.  Scientists called for a second wave in the fall, and astrology said no – there would be a lot of waves throughout the summer.  So far this has been true.  Looking ahead, the heavy retrograde period won’t end until mid-October.  Mars (action), which turns retrograde soon, won’t be direct until mid-November when the final conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto will take place.  The astrology predicts that we have a long year ahead of us in which not much change can happen and we need to find a way to cope.

Personally, I feel that the conjunction from Jupiter to Saturn in Aquarius in late December will help to facilitate the larger global changes.  But in our personal lives, even in the midst of pain and suffering, we can look for the doorway that will help us to move more easily into a new future.



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