August 11 solar eclipsephoto from Flickr.  On August 11 we will experience the last in a series of three summer eclipses at the Leo New Moon.  This is not a particularly powerful eclipse astronomically as it is a partial eclipse.  It’s also not as powerful an eclipse astrologically since the lunar nodes, the points in the sky which turn a New Moon into a solar eclipse, will be thirteen degrees away from the lunation unlike the July 27th solar eclipse in which the nodes were very close to the Full Moon.

Still, this is a SuperMoon New Moon, just as the July 13th eclipse was a SuperMoon New Moon (™Richard Nolle), meaning the Moon is closer to the earth than at other times.  This intensifies the qualities of the New Moon AND the solar eclipse as the lunar effect is more directly personal.

This Super New Moon is in Leo, the sign of the creative Self.  In a solar eclipse, the instincts and needs of the Moon eclipse, or overcome, the conscious motivations of the Sun.  However, both Sun and Moon are in the same sign, aligned and yoked together in partnership to assist us in forging a new beginning of the lunar cycle – in the case of Leo, a new beginning in finding the light and majesty of our True Selves.

Many aspects of our lives may have been stalled during the past few months with Mars in retrograde motion, followed by Mercury retrograde.  Mercury is lined up with the Sun and Moon at this eclipse, waking up the brain and the mind and helping us with improved communication and language skills. Proper use of the mental realm and communication is an important part of the self-expression that Leo requires, so Mercury is an important piece here.  Mercury is retrograde, though, so this emphasis on communication may be more difficult to express outwardly and may require the written word, such as journaling, or simply writing down thoughts to be put into motion after the 18th of August when Mercury turns direct.

A strong square aspect between Jupiter and the New Moon will further expand the Leo need to become our best selves, and to gain respect and admiration in the process.  Consequently, this New Moon eclipse on August 11th is the perfect time to consider what we might want to change in our lives to help us to feel we are fulfilling the highest and best expression of our soul’s purpose.

This question of the “soul’s purpose” is a big one, and one I am often asked.  While there are indications in the natal birthchart that hints to the highest purpose of a person’s life, the soul’s purpose is complex and made up of many factors.  One important way to think about this is to ask yourself, “What could I do that would help me to feel good about the life I am living.”  This is of course very different than asking “what makes me feel good” which is more about temporary satisfaction than a sense of real joy and purpose.

The sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, and if I may quote myself from this article: Joy emanates from the heart, and the physical heart is ruled by the Sun.  Creativity and self-expression are also ruled by the Sun, and it is often through the process of creating that we find that inner joy which goes beyond circumstance.  When the heart is closed it is difficult for joy to blossom, but a practice of gratitude opens the heart and nurtures the bloom of inner joy and this, my friends, is the lesson of the Leo SuperMoon eclipse on August 11.  ❤️

This eclipse will not be visible in the US and will only be visible in northern parts of Europe, Russia, Asia and Canada

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