If you’ve been following the astrology of the year or watching my videos, or really, just living in 2020, you’ll know that things have been intense this year.  The astrological explanation for this is rooted in a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn which seeks to build structures and consolidate power.  Over the past couple of months Mars, the fire planet which presides over wars and aggression but also motivation and desire, has been in its own sign of Aries where it is most powerful, and it is locked in a challenging square aspect  to the Capricorn planets of repression and control, which has added a powder keg of reactivity and served to add flames to a fire that was already burning.  Mars turned retrograde on September 9th and Saturn and Pluto turn direct next week, so all three planets are at a virtual standstill in the sky, feeding the flames as we struggle to find a way to utilize the fire of Mars in constructive ways that will help us to rebuild and reshape our lives for an uncertain future.

In the midst of this we have a Full Moon in Aries on October 1st.  Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of self-determination.  Ruled by Mars, Aries bestows the courage and independence to forge our own path in life, driven by desire and inspiration.  Mars gets a bad rap in the astrology world, being the god of war and all, but a healthy Mars is essential to our well being. Mars encourages us to follow our dreams – planting the seeds of desire, Mars energizes us to pursue our aspirations and defend ourselves against negative influences.  Under the influence of the Aries Full Moon, the power of Mars can be harnessed and put to work.

When the Moon is full in Aries, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Libra.  Aries and Libra are the cardinal signs representing the polarity which balances our personal needs (Aries) with our longing for partnership and to find balance and harmony in relationship with others (Libra).  Aries fuels our emotions (Moon) with the fire of desire and inspires action, while the Libra Sun urges compromise and greater sensitivity.  As with any polarity or opposition, integration between the two forces is necessary although the Aries Moon is in ascendancy and demands our attention.

I found this quote online which is a very accurate representation of Mars lessons:  “1. If you don’t go after what you want in life, you will never get it. 2. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.  3. If you do not step forward, you will remain stuck in the same place.”  While it’s true that an overactive Mars can lead to excessive self-orientation and selfish disregard for the needs and feelings of others, many of us have a tendency to lean too far in the other direction which can lead to depression and health problems, particularly immune disorders of various flavors.

The Libra Sun has already begun to oppose Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, an aspect which will culminate at the Full Moon with a tight conjunction of the Moon to Chiron opposite the Sun. The solar aspect to Chiron helps to bring to light emotional traumas or triggers which are emerging into consciousness, ready to be released.  Once the Moon gets involved on the day of the Full Moon, emotional reactions may intensify.  This can feel uncomfortable, but the ultimate experience of release is liberating and exhilarating as we shed old emotional patterns which keep us locked into self-defeating patterns.

This process of emotional release and achievement of inner balance is made easier by the fact that the ruler of the Full Moon (Mars) is in a harmonious trine to the ruler of the Sun (Venus) which is just completing its cycle through Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun.  What this means:  the urge to connect (Venus) in more personal ways to enrich self-expression (Leo) harmonizes at the Full Moon with the drive to achieve one’s own desires and blaze our own trail (Mars in Aries).  This harmonious trine and blend of Venus and Mars helps us to achieve the balance required at the Aries Full Moon between the power of self-activation (Mars) and the need for accommodation in order to find a sense of equilibrium (Libra).

During this Full Moon you may be blessed with a message from the soul that plants a seed of desire for a path into the future.  If this occurs, pay close attention!  The Moon speaks to us through the heart, and the heart is the doorway to awakening so this Full Moon can play a powerful part in our spiritual and personal journey. ❤️

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